Best 360 Degree Security Camera Reviews of 2023 – Top 10 Picks!

Investing in 360° security cameras is now feasible more than ever, and that’s for good reasons. This piece of nifty security tech captures pictures at a 360-degree angle. This is great for keeping updated with everything on the premises, with fewer cameras for more coverage.

However, the surveillance experience can end up in disappointment if you don’t get the best 360 degree security camera. Well, you need the perfect combination of both imaging tech, alongside a precise control. And we’re talking just that today, reviewing the promising 360° surveillance systems, the best of its kind.

We’ve picked the cameras that are doing absolutely well with great user experience. Let’s get right into them and show you your next options for buying security cameras with no blind spots!

How Does a 360 Degree Security Camera Work?

A 360-degree security camera comes with both tilt and pan capabilities and a regular surveillance camera on board. For this reason, it can record everything happening in and outside of a room at every angle. You can capture from any angle without a permanent blind spot like regular cameras.

How Does a 360 Degree Security Camera Work

These security cameras provide video and images of all the places you’re concerned about in real time. You can monitor the door, the backyard, and the surroundings of your house, just to name a few. For the indoors, you can watch the elders and kids of your home when you are outside.

In simple words, if you want to keep an eye on your property from anywhere, a 360° security camera is your best bet.

Wide-angle, sometimes fish-eye lenses are an exceptional feature of the 360-degree security camera. Typically, you’ll have a rotor mechanism inside the camera with one ultra-wide lens on one side. With a 360° angle pan and tilt, the camera will give you 180° coverage, ensuring no blind spot in the perimeter.

You can notice your whole property from any corner without having multiple cameras from different angles with such a camera. Every 360 security camera has built-in zoom, allowing it to magnify or widen an object on the screen. Also, they have a 3-axis length that rotates up and down or left to right. The provided video and image quality are sharp.

Generally, these security camera types are installed in the ceiling, enabling them to capture images or videos of the entire room without any shortfall. According to your camera’s memory card capacity, you can capture and save many videos and images.

Comparison Chart:

Compare the key features of our selected security cameras and choose the best-suited ones.

Best 360 Degree Security CameraIt’s Best forDimension2-way AudioResolutionNight Vision
Vivitar IPC-117Overall5.25 x 2.25 x 8.25 inchesYes1080pYes
Morecam 360° WiFi CamerasIndoor and Outdoor4.49 x 14.76 x 6.57 inchesYes1080pYes
COOAU Wireless 360°Motion Detection8.86 x 7.68 x 0.61 inchesYes1080pYes
Blurams 360° For HomeHome3.27 x 3.27 x 4.33 inchesYes2KYes
SOLIOM 360° Security CameraNight Vision6.69 x 4.72 x 10.24 inchesYes1080Yes
Imou Security CameraHD Quality Footages3 x 3 x 4 inchesYes1080pYes
HeyLR Light Bulb 360° CameraEasy Installation6.1 x 2.75 x 2.75 inchesYes1080pYes
ENSTER 360° Security CameraWeather Resistant7 x 5.1 x 5.1 inchesYes1080pYes
YI Pan-Tilt 360° CameraSound Detection3.7 x 3.7 x 6.5 inchesYes1080pYes
eufy Floodlight Cam 2 PROWired 360° Security Camera12.2 x 7.87 x 7.09 inchesYes 2KYes

10 Best 360 Degree Security Camera Reviews

When you need to ensure the safety of your property, sometimes a regular camera falls short. Get comprehensive safety for your home, office, and property by choosing the best 360-degree wifi security camera from the below review section.Best 360 Degree Security Camera

1. Best Overall: Vivitar IPC-117 360° IP Camera

While working in the office, do you want to monitor what your kids or nanny are doing at home? Install the Vivitar OPC-117 wifi Security Camera and get a 360-degree image of 1080p resolution. It can record high-resolution images and videos with zero blind spots. You can install it in any space and room with a compact modern design.

Vivitar IPC-117 360° IP Camera

Full 360-Degree View

You will get a full 360-degree massive view of your property with the included 180° camera lens. Panning, tilting, and zooming can easily be done through a digital control mechanism. It covers larger areas because of the native capability of a longer depth of field. The smart security camera monitors every movement of your baby and pets, along with your personal space.

Motion Detection

An intruder or nothing can pass through this security system due to its integrated motion detection feature. The security camera detects the slightest motion of an unwanted visitor or your kids, pets, or nanny and records video. So, you will never have unusual videos or images, and the memory card storage will be utilized. Moreover, this feature increases the life of the battery by saving energy.

2-way Intercom

Feel like you are at home by using the 2-way intercom feature. You can hear and be heard from your camera whenever needed. Furthermore, chatting with your kids or nanny, or beloved ones can easily be by this feature. Thus, you will be assured that your family members are behaving themselves.

Crisp and Clear Image

Detecting an intruder will be difficult without a crisp and clear image. This security camera is well-known for its clear and crisp video quality. Even when the image or video is zoomed in, its quality will always remain sharp for its 1080p resolution. As a result, you can quickly identify an intruder seeing the image or video after an unwanted incident.

Powerful IR- Night Vision

You will never experience trouble keeping an eye on your property at night due to the powerful IR-night vision. More importantly, you don’t need to activate the night vision feature by tapping any button. This feature activates automatically when the camera detects low-light conditions. So, there is no chance of missing a single second of recording.

Vivitar Cloud Feature

Wireless access, review, storing, and sharing of any footage is quite effortless using the Free Cloud service of this camera. Pair the camera and smartphone from anywhere using the included iOS or Android apps. You will never have to worry about internet service disruption for the Optional local micro SD card memory storage system.

Easy Installation

Installing this security camera is highly convenient once you’ve figured out its most strategic location. The whole installation process will take a minute. Even calling a professional is not necessary. This means it helps you save valuable money.

Technical Details

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Installation Time: 1 minute
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Item Dimension: 5.25”×2.25”×8.25”
  • Battery: 1 AAA battery
  • Compact modern foldable design
  • 2-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control
  • 4 GHz wifi setup
  • Not a long power cord, only 4 ft.

Why Should You Buy It?

This security camera has a 1080p resolution. Motion detection capability is highly sensitive and automatically activates night vision mode. You will never miss a second of monitoring your home, office, and other properties.

2. Best for Indoor and Outdoor: Morecam 360° Wifi Cameras

Install the Morecambe 360° View PTZ 2.4G wifi Cameras and monitor every inch of your home, office, and sensitive areas. With the auto-tracking feature, you get real-time alerts on your phone, and you will know what is happening around your home. It is a unit of 2 security cameras, both 360-degree views, offering several benefits to give you peace of mind.

Morecam 360° View PTZ 2.4G WiFi Cameras for Home Security

360-degree Coverage

When you need comprehensive surveillance over an entire area, there are no alternatives other than 360-degree coverage. It will provide a clear and sharp view from any angle with the 355° Pan, 90° Tilt, and 110° wide angle. Controlling the cameras is a breeze since it has incorporated Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to share the footage with your smart device wirelessly.

IP66 Waterproof and Dustproof

No matter where you want to mount it, it is IP66 waterproof and dustproof certified. Thus, you can do it without hesitation if you want to install it under no shelter. The device performs efficiently and reliably during extreme weather conditions such as storms, rain, snow, hail, tornado, and scorching heat. It supports a temperature range of -4°F to 131°F, protecting every corner of your home regardless of the weather conditions.

Stunning Night Vision

These cameras feature 8 infrared LEDs, providing stunning night vision images and videos. Whether day or night, delivering wide-angle footage without losing details. You can install almost any place in your home, office, and property, and see everything happening, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

Built-in PIR Motion Sensor

Easily grasp the critical situation around your home using the integrated PIR motion sensor that detects movements, keeps a record, and lets you know. These features work combined to give you the ultimate protection of your property. The APP alarm system, which scares away thieves by creating noise, will surely help you to a great extent.

High-resolution 1080p Image Quality

The image and video quality of these cameras will surely impress you. It delivers high-quality videos and images in 1080p. Such resolution comes with 2,073,600 pixels even after doing 8X digital zoom; the image and video will never break. So, facial recognition will be much easier.

2-way Audio and 2-way Storage

The security camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, supporting real-time two-way audio calls. Even outside the home, you can conveniently communicate with visitors and carriers using the App remotely. It supports a Micro SD card, permitting you to store every single second of security surveillance footage anywhere, anytime.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance
  • Room Type: Office, Garage
  • Item Dimension: 4.49”×14.76”×6.57”
  • Real-time alert
  • Auto motion tracking
  • Multi-channel viewing
  • Schedule alarm time
  • Adjustable detection sensibilities
  • Short wifi range

Why Should You Buy It?

These wireless security cameras serve as a second set of eyes on your kids, nanny, pets, and other valuables. The IP66 waterproof and dustproof technology lets you install it outdoors and indoors. Plus, the installation process is also not troublesome and can be done within 5 minutes. Overall, the Morecambe security cameras are ideal for any home.

3. Best for Motion Detection: COOAU Wireless 360° With Solar

The COOAU Wireless Wi-Fi 360° Pan Tilt Zoom Solar will give you complete control over your home security system, even when you are not at home. You will get all-around 360° protection after installing the security camera. It features upgraded technology for remote controlling of the camera using a compatible app.

COOAU Wireless Wi-Fi 360° Pan Tilt Zoom Solar

355° Pan 120°Tilt and 4X Zoom

The unit supports horizontal and vertical rotation at 355° and 120°, respectively. So, you will get the 360-degree safety of your home. Moreover, it provides a much broader monitoring range from all directions with 4X digital zoom and 130° wide viewing wide-angle. Furthermore, adjusting the direction is simple by using the app per your requirement.

PIR Motion Detection and Timely Alert Notification

Whenever it detects motion, you will get instant notifications on your smartphone. The camera has an extremely sensitive PIR motion sensor that will never miss a movement. It has an optimized AI algorithm that senses humanoid movements, efficiently distinguishing unusual motion versus actual human presence. As a result, you will never hear false alarms due to winds, leaves, bugs, etc.

Non-Stop Power Supply

A high-efficiency solar panel with 15000mAh rechargeable batteries inside makes this device standalone. Both features work efficiently to give you 365-days break-free protection. Also, using the dual 4dBi antenna, you can connect your 2.4G Wi-Fi with this Wi-Fi surveillance camera without hassle. You will love to know the solar panel and camera system features IP65 waterproof, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

1080p FHD and 65ft. Night Vision

It has SONY sensors and a high-end chip to give you ultra-crisp images and videos in different weather conditions. The camera consists of 4 infrared lights, sensing ambient light automatically and switching to night vision mode when it senses dark light conditions. This way, you can see a person’s precise movements or other things within 65ft. at night.

100% Wire-free and Easy Installation

You don’t need to spend much time installing the security camera. Stop worrying about power cords and wires when installing it because of its 100% wire-free installation process. So, calling a professional is not required. The package includes all the required accessories to install it. If you face difficulty mounting it, simply read the user manual for your convenience.

Multi-User Sharing

When you are on the go, have no internet, or cannot access your camera for any reason, no worries; give access to others with the multi-user sharing feature. The device supports a maximum of 20 users to view simultaneously. All you need to do is, share a QR code with your family and friends. Then let them monitor the cameras.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • 20% low power notification
  • User Defined alert plan
  • Valid viewing distance up to 65ft.
  • 15000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Supports 16-128GB SD card
  • The app is very slow to connect

Why Should You Buy It?

Mount this 360-degree smart camera anywhere in your home. The lenses are of high quality, giving you clear images and videos. This 16-128GB SD card-supported device stores images and videos so you can check the videos or images later if you missed something. Also, give access to others when you are outside and can’t keep an eye on the home.

4. Best for Home: Blurams Baby Monitor 360° Camera

Everyone wants to protect the things that they love. The smart Blurams 360° Cameras for Home is a package of every required feature to let you monitor your home from anywhere, anytime. It is specially designed for the home only, giving you a panoramic view of your front yard, living room, pet, or kids room with the help of a 360-degree wide-angle lens.

Blurams Baby Monitor Dog Camera 360° For Home

360° Coverage with 2K Resolution

Take assistance from this 360-degree camera with 360° coverage to prevent critical situations, intruders, and theft. Its 2K high resolution will produce images and videos sharper and crispier. You can fit more windows and programs on-screen for increased visibility. The high-quality footage will also help you find crucial details in case of legal needs.

Smart AI Detection and Instant Alerts

The device has an intelligent AI detection system with abnormal sound and human motion. It will send an instant alert to your smartphone so that you can become attentive to prevent theft. The device records 10 to 15 seconds of alert video and saves it for 24 hours in the cloud. It allows you to see the saved video and identify intruders quickly.

Clever IFTTT Integration

Want to see live streams of the Bluarms Baby monitor? Simply link any smart device using the IFTTT integration system. This feature will make your monitoring system more relaxing as you can integrate the baby monitor live stream on Alexa or Google Assistant devices with a screen. This means monitoring your home will be much easier than before.

Privacy Shutter

If you don’t want to record images or videos, simply turn on the privacy shutter function. Again, scroll up the navigation on the app when you want to see your beloved ones. This means you have complete freedom to record anything.

Remote Monitoring

It is compatible with the Bluarms app, letting you remotely control the camera pan/zoom/tilt. So, when you are on a trip, office, or camping, you can view every corner without a problem. More importantly, the camera can be set to multiple preset waypoints, allowing the camera to monitor your home automatically from different angles.

Advanced Night Vision

This smart home camera monitors everything in pitch black as it features 8 pcs IR LED lights and an IR cut function of at least 27 ft. Interestingly, it has a siren alarm to shock the thief or intruder. Due to the siren alarm, an intruder will withdraw the thought of breaking your home security. It fits your needs to guarantee your and your family’s protection.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 2K
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance, Monitor Babies
  • Room Type: Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Classroom, Study Room, Hallway
  • Offers crisp videos and photos
  • Keeps break-free recording on the cloud
  • Supports a maximum of 128GB SD card
  • 24/7 video history
  • Easy to install
  • Only records 15 seconds at a time, and only when it sees motion

Why Should You Buy It?

Compact, simple in design, and easy to install, permitting you to install it anywhere you want. However, it doesn’t have a waterproof feature, so you need to install it inside your home. It is ideal for minimalist homeowners for its motion/sound/person detection and instant alert feature.

5. Best for Night Vision: SOLIOM 360° Outdoor Camera

Do you want to monitor every angle of the outside of your home? With a 360-degree feature, the SOLIOM Outdoor Security Camera lets you instantly tilt or pan and view your surveillance camera to monitor what is happening around your home. You can control it using either your smartphone or PC.

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor,Pan Tilt 360° View Spotlight Rechargeable Solar Battery Powered WiFi System with Motion Detection and Siren, Color Night Vision,2-Way Talk

Pan and Tilt Broader View

Hiding from this camera is almost impossible with the pan and tilt of the broader view. So, the SOLIOM security camera efficiently monitors your family, personnel, property, and home. The 360° viewing angle will capture more objects with maximum details. Due to the 1080p resolution, the object will appear more detailed, clear, and crisp.

Moreover, since they cover a large area, they can save you money instead of having multiple stationary cameras. Furthermore, whether day or night, the unit rotates 320 degrees horizontally. Also, it turns its head 90° vertically pan and tilt, ensuring a wide-angle view.

Solar-Powered Device

Solar-powered security system means; your property is protected using a cost-efficient way. You will love to know that a solar panel powers the device. The panel recharges the battery on a sunny day.

This means you can remain worry-free about replacing the battery or plugging it into an outlet for recharging. Additionally, the device performs efficiently in the event of power outages. Besides, by installing this device, you are promoting eco-friendliness.

Accurate & Fast PIR Motion Detection

It uses a PIR motion detection sensor that senses motion quickly and alerts homeowners to prompt action for preventing theft. Also, highly efficient software pixel analysis technology controls and minimizes false alarms. A homeowner will get steady alarms on all human movements. Moreover, PIR motion detection technology reduces human efforts by making things work automatically and reliably.

Color Night Vision LEDs

Clear images and videos from a security camera are significantly important regardless of the weather condition. This security camera consists of night vision LEDs to give you excellent visibility.

This feature turns on automatically under low light conditions. More importantly, the unit delivers clear and colored images and videos, adding an extra layer of security for your home, office, and property. In addition, the 3X zoom system eliminates the need for guesswork and provides a crisp view.

2-way Audio Communication Function

Whoever is out there around the camera conveniently communicates with the 2-way audio. You can have a conversation with your kids and elderly parents. Moreover, 2-way audio allows you to warn intruders or burglars verbally while you are at or away from home.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance
  • Room Type: Hallway
  • 1080p resolution captures crisp image
  • Night vision capability
  • Adjustable motion-activated PIR sensor
  • Superb video quality and color accuracy
  • 64GB storage capacity
  • Accessing the recorded video is difficult from the App

Why Should You Buy It?

Install the security camera on a wall, ceiling, windows, front door, or anywhere you want. The performance is simply as impressive as an outdoor camera and makes sure that everything you love in your home, property, or office is protected and safe. It is effortless to use and comes with outstanding advantages, making it worth the price.

6. Best for HD Quality Footages: Imou Indoor Security Camera

The Imou Indoor Security Camera makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids, elderly parents, pets, etc. It captures high-definition videos and images day and night. With 360-degree coverage, you will have complete peace of mind when you are not at home, thinking someone will give you notifications about your home protection.

Imou Indoor Security Camera

1080p Full HD Quality Images and Videos

A security camera of 1080p resolution provides 5X higher image and video resolution than standard analog security cameras. Both videos and images will be crystal clear for sure. Also, 1080p resolution helps you get larger images for extended periods.

More importantly, real-time video streaming will be easier. However, higher-resolution cameras are prone to slow down. The good news is; this security camera is smartly designed to prevent slowing down videos or live streaming.

High-Quality Infrared LEDs

Like standard security cameras, it is also equipped with quality infrared LEDs. For this reason, Imou will provide you with better light penetration in high humidity, high pollution, and foggy weather. Moreover, IR cameras are ideal for recording images and videos day and night. Furthermore, this camera illuminates dark conditions effectively and gives clear night recordings up to 33 ft.

360-degree wide-angle View

In providing a complete 360-degree view, this camera is much more efficient than others. It rotates 0°-355° horizontally and -5 to 80° vertically. You can control its rotation using the Imou Life App. Moreover, the app will let you create a panorama view and rotate the camera at every angle to have a crisp view of every corner.

Human Detection and Smart Tracking

Another impressive feature of this surveillance camera is intelligent human detection and motion tracking. It detects abnormal events, characterizes human gait, and analyzes congestion pretty efficiently. Once it detects a suspicious movement, it follows moving objects with its intelligent tracking function and lets you know with the built-in siren.

2-way Audio and Sound Detection

It has a 2-way audio system, enabling the user to speak and listen directly through the HD camera. Reliable Wi-Fi connection, incorporated microphone, and speakers facilitate you to communicate with a person without opening your property entrance.

Sound detection is another exceptional feature that identifies and sends an instant notification to your mobile device when a baby cries or detects abnormal sounds. In fact, it gives you information about your home condition at every moment.

Ease of Use

The Imou security camera is designed with user-friendliness in mind. From installation to operating the camera, the whole process is a breeze. You won’t sweat while installing the unit. Also, with the user-friendly app, controlling is so simple. The app will also allow you to set alarm schedules, adjust detection region and sensitivity, enable privacy mode, etc. Moreover, videos and images are securely stored in the Imou Cloud or Micro SD card, and you can see them whenever you want.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Uses: Indoor
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless
  • Room Type: Nursery
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • 1080p full HD and H.265 compression
  • Night vision at maximum 33 ft.
  • Efficient human detection and tracking
  • Built-in siren
  • Records real-time videos
  • Movement at a different angle is not that fast

Why Should You Buy It?

This security camera will be the best choice to maximize your home security. Due to its efficient human motion detection technology, you can ensure that your home protection is handed over to a reliable system. It detects abnormal sounds and notifies you instantly to avoid a critical situation.

7. Best for Easy Installation: HeyLR Light Bulb 360° Camera

The HeyLR Light Bulb 360-degree security camera’s light bulb design is the most impressive thing to please you. For its unique design, an intruder will hardly understand that a security camera is recording their movement at the initial stage. With a 360° angle recording, it’s super easy to install as well.

HeyLR Light Bulb 360-degree Security Camera

360° HD Footage

This camera can capture your property from all around with its 360-degree angle. Another significant benefit of this camera is that it captures a much larger field of view than other available models, reducing the risk of blind spots. Also, it is designed with quality infrared LEDs and sensors, giving you visibility up to 33 ft. at night. You can see in the dark or low light conditions without hassle.

Easy Installation

Most customers are delighted with its effortless installation process. You need to use a usual 110V-240V E27 bulb base to install it. Before accessing, set it up via QR code which will not take more than 1 minute. Maintaining security cameras is also straightforward.

Real-time Alert

Although it is specially designed for homes, you can install it in offices, schools, storerooms, and other areas for its real-time alert. It sends a notification on your mobile without failing to detect suspicious motion. Don’t think about false notifications because the device is so smart that it detects human movements proficiently. This feature makes it an ideal monitoring system for various areas.

PTZ and Remote Viewing

To control the security camera, you need to install the “Tuya Smart” App on your smartphone. You can conveniently access and control the camera remotely through the app. Control either vertical or horizontal motion to see a clear view of your room from any corner. More importantly, you can see your home, offices, or garages anytime.

Voice Intercom

Communicate with your family at home using the voice intercom via a mobile app. Also, you can warn intruders during an emergency with the 2-way talk technology. The mic and speaker quality are excellent, and you will not miss any sound. Moreover, the 2-way audio is compatible with many devices such as tablets, iPad, and smartphones via the recommended App.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Uses: Indoor
  • Room Type: Home, Office, School, Shop, Restaurant, Storehouse
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Unique bulb-like design
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective security solution
  • 2-way talk
  • 360° pan camera
  • Pan-tilt-zoom control function is problematic sometimes

Why Should You Buy It?

Monitoring your property will be easier with this surveillance camera since it has a clever design disguised as a bulb. You will receive an instant notification on your mobile device or iPad when motion is identified. So, taking immediate action to prevent critical situations will be convenient. Installation is also easy within a minute; no specialized tool is required to run.

8. Best For Weather Resistance: ENSTER 360° Outdoor Security Camera

The ENSTER 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera takes your property security to a whole new level with a 2-way audio functionality. It is a 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt wide-angle ptz camera, offering a larger field of view. At the same time, the camera eliminates blind spots effectively.

ENTER 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera

High-definition Night Vision Image and Video

With the ability to provide sharper pictures at 1080p resolution, this camera gives you the huge benefit of detailed surveillance. It provides a detailed image of every angle of your home without any blind spots. Moreover, crisp and clear images can distinguish between catching a criminal red-handed and letting them get away with your possessions.

Resistant to Inclement Weather

Whether you want to install outdoor or indoor security cameras, this camera will meet your requirements. It is made of metal and has a rain cover-type integrated body, allowing it to perform in extreme weather like rain, snowstorms, dust, or other outdoor weather conditions. The more important thing is it delivers efficient, reliable performance regardless of the weather.

Motion Alert on Mobile Phone

The device features real-time push notifications, which send emails with videos or photos to the FTP server or notifications to a smartphone app when human movement is identified. Moreover, it is eligible for recording alarm videos and storing them in a local micro SD card so you can see the videos/images whenever required. To reduce the false alarm rate, simply set the trigger time, detection sensitivity, and motion detection range as required via the App. Overall, this camera is well-known for its accuracy and reliability.

4X Digital Zoom

Get precise details of distant objects by zooming in and out using the digital 4X magnification function. You will love to know that the digital zoom feature will not affect the resolution and quality of the recordings. So you will get a clear image of your surrounding areas.

Full-Color Night Vision

It is built with 4 IR-LED lights that light up automatically when a person is detected and captures videos of 15-20 seconds. Maximum video distance recording capability will surely impress you. The device can record colored video up to 100 ft. and black/white video up to 150 ft. at night.

Sound Warning

You can warn intruders using the sound warning system when you are not at home. Once you set the alarm sound warning functionality, the sound will turn on automatically when human movement is detected.

You can also record your voice with the built-in warning sound. Thus, an intruder will think that person must be available in your home. Besides you can also use the lights to drive away uninvited intruders.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Uses: Outdoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance
  • Room Type: Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Hallway
  • Weatherproof outdoor cam
  • Digital magnification
  • Smooth 2-way audio
  • No blind angle
  • Multi-device sharing
  • The wire length is very short

Why Should You Buy It?

The ENSTER 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera is an easy-to-install device for indoor and outdoor use. You will not experience viewing camera footage away from home for its clear and crisp capture. The 2-way audio sound is also loud and clear on both ends. Its useful features keep property safe and intruders away.

9. Best for Sound Detection: YI Pan-Tilt 360° Security Camera

Who doesn’t want to keep a watchful eye on every inch of their property when on a trip? The Yi Pan-Tilt 360° Security Camera can track a maximum 355° and 84° rotation range horizontally and vertically. It also features a flexible storage option and supports Ethernet. This is an affordable and practical life home security solution for everyone.

YI Pan-Tilt 360° Security Camera

Flexible Monitoring with 360-degree Tracking

Cover every corner of your home by monitoring with 360-degree tracking. Thus, you are getting total situational awareness. Moreover, reliable performance is essential when you need complete surveillance security over an area. This security camera is popular for its reliable performance, offering clear and easy-to-analyze recordings. It can shoot the space all around you and look back at it more immersively.

Advanced AI Human Detection

AI human detection technology can catch intruders, criminals, and thieves red-handed. This way, it saves your day and ensures full home monitoring. It detects people in motion at a maximum of 20 fps and sends activity alerts. Moreover, the camera delivers great features and image quality at a value the competition couldn’t match.

Non-Invasive Night Vision

You can rely on this camera without hesitation regarding clear and crisp images and videos at night. Its IR lights include a 140° wide-angle lens and 1080p resolution to give you clear recordings under any circumstances.

The night vision is just as good as the video/viewing is extremely clear. Additionally, it allows you to zoom a video or image 4X times. Greatly, zooming in and out will not damage the quality of the recordings.

Dual Storage Options

Safely protect your video records with cloud premiums. So, you will never lose your footage due to theft or damage. The device also supports an external SD card of up to 32GB for recording storage. Moreover, you can conveniently access the video recordings through the App from anywhere and anytime.

2-way Audio

An integrated microphone and speaker permit you to communicate with your beloved persons and pets when you are on the go. Also, control a critical situation by speaking with an intruder or uninvited guest, warning that every activity is recorded.

Intelligent Sound Detection

Another worth-mentioning feature of this unit is the intelligent sound detection technology. Along with human motion detection, it also detects a sound level of 50 dB – 90 dB. So, with minimal sound, it sends you a notification on your mobile device.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Connectivity technology: Wired
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Surveillance, Monitor Babies
  • Room Type: Nursery
  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • 50-90 dB sound detection capability
  • Reliable and flexible dome-design security camera
  • Clear and sharp 1080p resolution
  • Automatically tracks moving object’s motion
  • Low-quality intercom

Why Should You Buy It?

Whether night or day, ensure no one is breaking your family’s peace by entering your property without permission. This security camera will give you peace of mind that your beloved family is safe in the house. Also, you can install it in your office, school, and other indoors to ensure the safety of your subordinates.

10. Best Wired 360° Security Camera: eufy Floodlight Cam 2 PRO

Are you looking for a security camera for your property that gives you a dazzling and unique view around you? Don’t look further and buy the eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 PRO. This security camera is a comprehensive safety solution for your office, home, schools, banks, or other sensitive areas. With the help of a 360-degree pan and tilt coverage, it provides a complete view without the risk of blind spots.

Best Wired 360° Security Camera: eufy Floodlight Cam 2 PRO

360° Clear and Panoramic View

Don’t leave an inch unseen with the help of Cam 2 Pro with its 360° view of any location. It will instantly notify you about a moving object by automatically locking on and tracking it. In fact, motion tracking works like a charm. Even when an intruder moves, it will capture an image of the face. Whether running, walking, or standing, it tracks you regardless of your movement speed.

2K HD surveillance

It will not miss any details for the 2K resolution. More resolution means clearer and crisper image quality. Moreover, this resolution range allows you to zoom in and pan an image digitally. Furthermore, image and video quality will not reduce when you increase the image color and sharpness. Overall, the 2K camera records the finest detail footage.

3 Flood Light Panels

The Eufy security camera consists of 3 floodlight panels that shine with 3,000-lumen brightness to illuminate everything within a 40 ft. radius. Smart illumination lets you control the lighting triggers, color, and temperature via your phone. In addition, the two outer lights can pivot, giving you broader or narrower light coverage which is a nice touch. The lifespan of the LED bulbs is also impressive, roughly 10,000 hours.

IP65 Waterproof Design

With an IP65 waterproof design, the camera will deliver regular operation in any case. So, the device’s performance will never decrease during a rainy or snowy day. IP65 waterproof gives the highest level of protection from severe weather conditions. This feature makes it usable both indoors and outdoors. Before being introduced to the market, it is rigorously tested for frost resistance, corrosion resistance, outdoor durability, and longevity. This means you will get many years of reliable service from the unit.

Secure Record of Everything

This product is designed to guarantee your security data is kept private. Not to worry because every recording that happens around your home will be stored in a secure place. The motto of this security camera is to protect you, your family, and your data.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: 2K
  • Indoor/Outdoor Uses: Outdoor
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Room Type: Bedroom
  • 360° horizontal and 130° vertical field of view
  • Subject lock and tracking
  • Dimmable lights
  • Adjustable lighting temperature
  • Zero blind spots
  • Setup is a bit tedious with the dimmable lights

Why Should You Buy It?

The Eufy security system is a reliable security camera with a good floodlight system. You will get 99% accuracy from the motion tracking system, both day and night, and in any weather conditions. The lights are also adjustable in both brightness and color temp with separate settings for dusk to dawn and motion detection – so you can have a dimmer, warm-white light.

How to Choose the Best 360 Degree Security Camera?

With so many models, features, and brands in the market, buying the best 360° security camera is a difficult task. However, if you know your requirement, selecting the right surveillance machine will be an easy task. How to Choose the Best 360 Degree Security Camera

Let’s get you through the most important factors to look for while buying a new 360°security camera:

Image and Video Quality

Undoubtedly, everyone looks for a 360-degree security camera with the best possible image and video quality.

Now video quality depends on the camera resolution. The good news is that most 360-degree security cameras come with 1080p resolution. This resolution is good enough to get clear and crisp recordings.

In comparison, fewer models are available with 2K resolution. More resolution will help you avoid excessive pixelation during digital zooming or de-warping.


Before buying the best 360-degree camera for home security, consider its durability.

A well-built camera can resist severe impact efficiently. So, no damage will happen if the camera accidentally falls from its mounted position.


Memory is another essential factor that you mustn’t overlook. A security camera with a large enough memory card will let you store more images and videos. Thus, you don’t need to delete them to save pace.

Also, check out a model that supports either built-in local storage or a free cloud plan.

If you are wondering what a cloud plan is, let me explain. It is a remote security camera server that stores recorded videos and images to watch later.


Consider the installation process of your selected model before making a buying decision.

Not all security cameras are built with hanging installation procedures. Some models need to mount on a flat surface, while others hang on a wall or ceiling.

Therefore, you need to know where to install the camera after buying it. The answer will help you pick a suitable model.


Except for 360-degree security cameras, other camera types’ field of view is limited.

So, if you want to get a full view of your room, property, or office, choose a camera that rotates horizontally and vertically. This way, you can see every inch of your property without trouble.360 Degree Security Camera Pan and Tilt

Motion Detection

This is a crucial factor for maximum security, and most modern security cameras can detect motion. Your selected model should detect the movements of a person.

This feature is so intelligent that it helps a security camera to detect only human motion detection to avoid false alarms. Package recognition, facial recognition, sound detection, person recognition, etc., are some newest features of security cameras. All the features give peace of mind to a property owner.

Mobile Device Alerts

This feature will notify your smartphone when an unidentified motion is detected. Generally, when you click on the notification, a live stream of 10-15 seconds will appear to give you an idea of what is happening around your home.

Smartphone Control

Roughly all security camera models are now controlled by the manufacturer-recommended App. The compatible app helps users control different functions such as rotation, alarm, night vision control, etc.

2-way talk

You can talk and hear using this feature with a person. Generally, all models have this feature, allowing you to know a person’s identity without opening the entrance.

This way, if you ever suspect a person of a potential threat, you can take prompt action to avoid the attack.

Night Vision

You can’t keep an eye on your home constantly, especially at night, if the camera doesn’t come with night vision. Night vision security cameras perform as night guards on your property.

Some security cameras automatically activate the night vision feature to capture images and videos in low or dark light conditions. This is an impressive feature since capturing records becomes easier at night. Even some models can capture colored images and videos at night.


The waterproof feature is only available in high-quality security cameras. This is a unique feature of outdoor surveillance cameras.

With this feature, you can install a security camera outside your property. Due to this feature, heavy rain and snowstorms can’t harm or damage your security camera.

Frequently Asked Question

After reading this whole write-up, there might be a few questions that remain in your mind about the best 360 degree security camera. In that case, just go through the following FAQ section, and you’ll get most of the answers to your queries.

How Long Can A 360 Degree Security Camera Record?

Every security camera differs from others. Depending on a few factors, such as system configuration, hard drives, internal or external SD cards, cloud storage, and some 360-degree security camera records 24/7. While some other records are for a scheduled time. For instance, a few models start recording when motion is detected and stops when motion is stopped.

How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Reach?

In an open environment, a wireless security camera reaches a range of 250ft. – 500ft. On the other hand, if the security camera is installed in a room, garage, or other enclosed areas, it will reach a range of 100ft. – 150ft.

How Often Should You Replace Your Security Cameras?

A good quality security camera provides efficient service for a minimum of 10 years. But we don’t recommend you replace your security camera after 10 years. In fact, due to technological advancements, people tend to upgrade their security cameras before 10 years.

Do Security Cameras Work in The Rain?

Weather can significantly affect the functionality of a security camera. But the good news is that modern security cameras are now available with a waterproof feature, giving you reliable service in heavy rain. You can choose the Morecambe 360° View PTZ 2.4G WiFi Cameras from our list as it includes IP66 water-proof feature, offering crisp, clear, and sharp footage in different weather conditions.

Do 360 Degree Security Cameras Have Audio?

Yes, modern 360-degree security cameras have a 2-way audio system, enabling a user to converse with a person without opening the door.

Bottom Line

Each security camera comes with distinctive features and benefits of its own. These cameras would be the best investment to protect your family and property from burglars or thieves. We hope you’ve been able to pick your own surveillance camera from the reviewed ones above. 

If you want our editorial choice of the best 360 degree security camera, that’d be the Vivitar IPC-117 360 Degree IP Camera. With a 360° coverage, you can install it indoors or outdoors for its compact and waterproof design. It records videos and images at 1080p resolution, delivering crisp, clear, and sharp footage day and night. Moreover, powerful IR night vision and sensitivity adjustment ensure clear nighttime visibility.

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