10 Best Security Camera With Optical Zoom Reviews (Our Top Picks 2023)

Security cameras come with two types of zoom technology: digital and optical. Optical zoom is the only option if you’re up for capturing the capability of zooming without losing details. It has moving lenses inside that physically zoom onto the subject, just like a DLSR camera.

However, getting the best security camera with optical zoom is not an easy job for so many reasons. There are too many technical factors to put together while investing in such a camera. You also need to consider the purpose the machine is going to serve.

Considering all these, along with others, we’ve come up with the most promising cameras you can find in the current market. We’ve ensured these cameras can perform well for the whole facility, indoor and outdoor full-blown property surveillance.

Let’s get to know them in-depth and help you pick your next surveillance system.

What Is Optical Zoom On A Security Camera?

Unlike digital zoom, optical zoom uses physical parts instead of digitally zooming into the object. With optical zooming, you can retain the image quality, so it stays clearer and crispier. The lens gets closer to the image sensor and magnifies the object you are trying to zoom in.What Is Optical Zoom On A Security Camera

Modern security cameras include optical zoom. The 3x, 5x, and 10x zoom allows the cameras to zoom with a clearer view. Thus, you will be able to monitor an object perfectly. If you try to zoom any object in a digital camera, the scene used gets blurred. You may lose important details because of the digital zoom.

The optical zoom on a security camera made it possible to get every single detail. You will get a clear image of a license plate, a human face, and others from a reasonable distance.

Do All Security Cameras Have The Ability To Zoom?

Yes, almost all security cameras can zoom, but this does not guarantee a detailed image of an object. Security cameras generally include two types of zoom – digital and optical zoom. The quality of zoom is not the same for all. For example, some devices include 5x zoom, and others have 30x zoom. The detail will vary depending on the quality of the lens and sensor.

If security cameras don’t maintain a good balance for zoom, it will be tough to monitor distant things. Sometimes, you may be required to check a car’s license plate or a human face. Thus, the zoom should not damage the quality of a view.

This is why you should always focus on the lens and sensor quality while purchasing any outdoor CCTV camera with zoom to get better details of an object.

Comparison Chart:

Look at the detailed comparison of our selected optical zoom security camera, and ideally, pick one that suits your requirements most.

Best Security Camera With Optical ZoomIt’s Best ForRotationZoomConnectivityWaterproofWarranty
PTZ Security CameraEditor’s Choice355-degree5xWirelessIP6624 months
Hiseeu Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security CamerBest Budget320-degree5xWireless/WiredIP661-Year
FOSCAM Outdoor WiFi Security CameraBest Video Quality355-degree4xWirelessIP662-Years
5MP Outdoor PTZ POE CameraBest Audio QualityN/A5xWirelessIP661-Year
YoLuKe PTZ Camera OutdoorBest 360360-degree20xWirelessIP661-Year
SUNBA 25X Optical Zoom PTZ CameraBest Night Vision360-degree25xWiredIP662-Years
REOLINK 4K PoE Outdoor IP CameraBest Easy InstallationN/A5xWiredIP662-Years
PTZ Security Camera With Optical ZoomBest Zoom355-degree30xWirelessIP662-Years
Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP CameraStorage Support113-degree5xEthernetN/A1-Year
Jennov PTZ Camera with Optical ZoomBest Durable360-degree5xWireless & EthernetIP6612 months

10 Best Security Camera With Optical Zoom Reviews

Best Security Camera With Optical Zoom

1. Best Overall – PTZ Security Camera

This security camera from Ctronics includes 5x optical zoom with a 90-degree tilt. It is designed to provide you with better detail and a wide rotation range. You’ll get WiFi connectivity with 355° horizontal coverage, so you don’t miss out on an inch on the premises.Best Overall -  [Updated 5X Optical Zoom] PTZ Security Camera

With automatic motion tracking technology, this PTZ camera will track every human movement with complete protection. You will have an instant alert whenever any motion is detected.

Throughout the day, you will get super HD images and a colorful vision of 98ft at night. There are 4 spotlights and 5 infrared lights included in this camera to deliver images with vivid color, even in total darkness.

The camera has noise reduction technology to deliver the best audio alongside video footage. It has a built-in microphone and speakers that allow you to communicate anytime with its two-way communication.

For better durability, it’s waterproof with an IP66 rating. This build makes it perfect for outdoor applications. It’s designed with a better WiFi signal to have smooth surveillance without any interruption once connected to the internet.

Don’t worry about the storage option, as the camera supports up to 64GB of SD cards. The live footage can be monitored through your smartphone, no matter where you are. You can also set up and connect multiple devices to the NVR. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows OS.

The PTZ Security Camera is recommended if you want a better image and audio quality camera. It will deliver HD images even in low light. For garage, parking, or backyard, this one will be a top choice for sure.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 11.8×4.3×6.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.02 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Storage Support: 64GB
  • Horizontal Rotation: 355-degree
  • Optical Zoom: 5x
  • Warranty: 24 months
What We Like
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection with an auto-tracking
  • 4 spotlights with 5 IR lights
  • Robust metal shell
  • 355-degree pan with 90-degree tilt
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficult to install

Final Thoughts

Ctronics security camera is recommended if you don’t want to miss a single detail on your premises. This camera will provide you with perfect protection with a 5x zoom, pan, and tilt mechanism to help you zoom into the smallest objects in the perimeter.

2. Best Budget – Hiseeu Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security Camer

With no complicated instructions, the Hiseeu security camera is designed to provide full safety to your home and family. The camera is equipped with a 5x optical zoom with more details of distant objects. You will get a wider and larger field of vision while having live footage of your property indoors or outdoors 24/7. Best Budget - 【5X Optical Zoom,2K】 Hiseeu Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security Camer

This security camera from Hiseeu comes with smart detection, including sound and light alarms. You can manually adjust the detection sensitivity to reduce false alarms. The camera will instantly notify you if it detects any intruders. You will get a notification with a recording on your mobile phone as soon as the camera detects a motion.

To enhance safety, the Hiseeu security camera comes with two-way audio with a built-in microphone. This will enable real-time remote viewing and communication with the family anytime. You can also scare off the intruder because of this two-way audio.

The 2304×1296p resolution camera is going to provide you with HD images and videos. Two bright built-in LED lights will help you deliver clear images. You will have a better view and color by at least 65 feet.

Plus, you’ll also get a dual-storage model of this camera that will make your surveillance a lot easier. You can store the recording on cloud storage or on an SD card. The camera is compatible with up to 128GB SD cards. Furthermore, you may watch the replay anytime and anywhere you want.

The security camera is built with a waterproof and cold-resistant design for better durability. Moreover, it’s an IP66-rated waterproof device. There won’t be any issue using this camera for outdoor monitoring.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 8.19×8.15×5.63 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.12 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Storage Support: up to 128GB
  • Connectivity: Wireless/Wired
  • Horizontal Rotation: 320-degree
  • Optical Zoom: 5x
  • Warranty:  1-Year
What We Like
  • High definition image
  • Dual bright floodlights
  • Two-way audio
  • Full-color night vision
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite blurred night vision

Final Thoughts

Hiseeu security camera doesn’t have complex installation and includes standard night vision. The motion sensitivity will reduce the risk of false alarms. And the most important part is, it comes with multiple levels of optical zoom at an affordable price range.

3. Best Video Quality – FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ WiFi Security Camera

With an incredible image quality of 1080p at 25 fps, the FOSCAM security camera will surely be a top pick for outdoor surveillance. The powerful Ambarella chipset with 355-degree horizontal and 85-degree vertical rotation will cover a much better range than the traditional devices.Best Video Quality - FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera

To capture more details, the camera has true 4x optical zoom with intelligent WDR. This will correct the dark faces under heavy light to ensure better vision. FOSCAM also features image distortion correction technology that will fix common image distortion flaws.

The enhanced night vision of this camera will allow you to see through total darkness.  It features high-intensity IR LEDs illuminating details in crisp, clear night vision up to 196 feet away.

This camera’s excellent build quality will undoubtedly give you many years of service. The IP66 waterproofing of FOSCAM will provide you with non-stop recording without any damage in all weather conditions. The camera will keep recording even in the rain, sleet, or snow.

For better protection, the security camera continuously detects movement and will notify you through email or the dedicated app if something is worth notifying. You can customize the viewing area if you want to ignore any angle.

The recording will stay fully safe as it will be stored on a US-based AWS server with high-level encrypted security and privacy protection. You can also have the recording any time you want with the live view.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions:  20.9×23.4×13.8 inches
  • Item Weight:  3.96 pounds
  • Form Factor: Turret
  • Storage Support: 128 GB
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Horizontal Rotation: 355-degree
  • Optical Zoom:  4x
  • Warranty: 2-Years
What We Like
  • 1080p videos at 25fps
  • Sony Starvis Sensor
  • Night Vision for up to 196 ft
  • 6 pcs IR LED lights
  • True 4x optical zoom
What We Don’t Like
  • Not a good mobile app

Final Thoughts

The high-end camera from FOSCAM has an HD lens that takes 1080p resolution images and videos. And, you can optically zoom onto an object without losing details up to 4 times. It includes updated sensors and won’t miss you from any details with the 355° rotation.

4. Best Audio Quality – 5MP Outdoor PTZ POE Camera

The wireless security camera with zoom from JideTech is an upgraded version of P1. It includes updated software with auto-tracking and human detection features. For better coverage, the pan and tilt speed is now faster than ever, with a better audio recording.Best Audio Quality - [Update] 5MP Outdoor PTZ POE Camera Outdoor, Auto-Tracking IP Dome Camera with 5X Optical Zoom

To deliver a more colorful and vivid image, it includes a 5mp picture quality at 1944x2600p footage. This camera has a 2.7 – 13.5mm 5x optical zoom to ensure you are covering the space you need. The security camera covers a visual range of 98.4 feet.

JideTech security camera comes with a simple operation with a friendly interface, which means anyone can operate this device. You will get real-time access to your camera on your PC and phone. There is a dedicated app available for this camera that enables multi-person real-time access.

The camera features a built-in microphone and speaker with anti-noise technology. Thus, you will have a clear recording of any footage. JideTech camera allows customizing the motion detection or the sound to warn intruders.

This will be a good choice for outdoor applications because of its solid structure. It is an IP66 waterproof camera with heat and cold resistance features. A troubleshooting guide is available for this camera to guide you through any difficulties you face while using this device.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 4.33×4.33×3.94 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Optical Zoom: 5x
  • Warranty: 1-year
What We Like
  • Updated human detection
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Real-time remote access
  • Two-way audio
  • Friendly Interface
What We Don’t Like
  • Bad customer support

Final Thoughts

The camera includes an easy monitoring feature and a durable structure. It has updated software and human tracking functions. The friendly interface allows you to get every detail of your properties.

5. Best 360° – YoLuKe PTZ Camera Outdoor

With an impressive, 20x optical zoom, the YoLuke PTZ camera is a good choice for outdoor applications. It has a 360° viewing area that allows it to monitor the highest possible area while maintaining high picture quality and minimal distortion.Best 360 - YoLuKe PTZ Camera Outdoor,5MP 20X Optical Zoom

This PTZ camera comes with an improved smart motion detection function that tracks with fewer false alarms. You will have super night vision because of the IR LED lights. The visible range during the day is up to 1000ft, while the range at night is up to 400ft.

You can communicate through the camera as it has a built-in two-way audio system. This enables a user to monitor the recording and communicate with the persons near the camera. Its all-around 360° pan and tilt allow you to zoom into narrow spots within the surveillance area.

For better tracking, the camera includes cruise and position auto-tracking features. In the cruise auto-tracking,  the camera will return to cruising after tracking a person. You need to set a few cruise points by using the preset commands. While in the position, auto-tracking identifies a person and follows the person for a specific range.

Don’t worry about the durability of this device, as it’s built with an all-metal housing and mounting bracket. The device will work fine for a heat range of -22℉ – 140℉. The IP66 waterproof body will also deliver a smooth operation in extreme weather conditions.

YoLuke PTZ camera comes with the CamHipro app that provides live viewing and playback of a recording. The app supports 64 cameras online at the same time. It’s compatible with 3rd party software as well.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 11.42×9.06×6.69 inches
  • Item Weight:  15.8 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Optical Zoom:  20x
  • Storage Support: 128GB
  • Horizontal Rotation: 360-degree
  • Warranty: 1-Year
What We Like
  • 400ft visible range at night
  • Anti-noise technology
  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Less false alarm
  • 10x optical zoom 
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor quality software

Final Thoughts

This surveillance camera is the best in terms of 360° pan and tilt, with which you can cover every inch of the desired perimeter. The auto-tracking features of this camera will provide you with details with fewer false alarms. It includes anti-noise technology to deliver better sound for the recordings.

6. Best Night Vision – SUNBA 25X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera

The Sunba 601 security camera will give you a clearer and closer picture of distant things. Because of the 25x powerful optical zoom, you can view up to 1000 feet away.  For different levels of zoom, the camera includes a switchable low/high beam LED with superior night vision.Best Night Vision - SUNBA 25X Optical Zoom 5MP IP PoE+ Outdoor PTZ Camera

Sunba PTZ camera is designed to last for a long time. It is built with an industrial-level waterproof shell with a wide operating temperature range. The premium engineering allows the device to withstand extreme conditions.

For better vision, the camera includes Sony IMX 335 Starvis sensor. This helps the device deliver recordings at 25fps. The 5-MegaPixel camera is capable of recording videos at 2560 x 1960p. Thus, you will get a crystal view of the surroundings. On top of that, the IR vision camera will give you a clear picture in the dark.

The 360-degree infinite rotation with a 90-degree downward and 15-degree upward tilt provides a wide vision of things.  You can remotely monitor and snap through the iSunba app, available for both iOS and Android. The app will be required during the installation of the camera as well.

To enable two-way speaking, the camera includes a built-in microphone and speaker. This allows the users to communicate through the camera end by using the iSunba app. You can set preset points manually around your property for better monitoring.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 16.7×9.5×9.5 inches
  • Item Weight:  9.58 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Horizontal Rotation: 360-degree
  • Sensor: Sony IMX335 Starvis
  • Optical Zoom:  25x
  • Warranty: 2-Years
What We Like
  • 25x superior zoom
  • Night vision of 1000ft
  • PoE connection
  • High-Speed PTZ
  • Premium Engineering
What We Don’t Like
  • Autofocus is not that good

Final Thoughts

The powerful zoom of this camera will deliver you a clear vision of distant things. And, as the Sunba security camera includes IR night sensors, it will deliver crisp images even in the dark while tracking more accurately.

7. Best Easy Installation – REOLINK 4K PoE Outdoor Security IP Camera

The Reolink PoE camera comes with human and vehicle detection with a smart alert feature. It can identify shapes or patterns, which minimizes false alarms. The smart sensor also identifies the type of motion to send you a more specific alert. You can tell what’s going on just by looking at the notification on the phone screen.Best Easy Installation - REOLINK 4K PoE Outdoor Security IP Camera with Human/Vehicle Detection, 5X Optical Zoom

It includes 5x optical zoom with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160p. You will have a 1.6x clearer view than the traditional devices. For a clearer and more detailed view with zoom, this security camera is quite unbeatable in terms of quality.

As for the installation, this camera setup offers the easiest method. All you need to do is make 4 holes for each camera and screw them in the place you need to have under your surveillance. Setting up the NVR and getting the footage live with the app is also easy.

Reolink security camera includes a unique time-lapse video feature with multiple recording options. The time-lapse video will allow you to see your whole property in just a few minutes. With no additional subscription, you can save the footage on the micro SD card or FTP server.

It includes full-color night vision with spotlights. You will get clear images with solid colors in this 4K camera. If the camera’s smart sensor detects an intruder, it will automatically activate the siren. You can even manually activate the spotlights to stop any unwanted incidents.

It will be a breeze to install this camera because of the Power Over Ethernet in short PoE technology. This camera transmits videos and gets power through one network cable. It takes a few minutes to install this camera without professional help.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 11.42× 4.72×5.51 inches
  • Item Weight:  2.44 pounds
  • Form Factor: Bullet
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Storage Support: 256GB
  • Optical Zoom:  5x
  • Warranty:  2-Years
What We Like
  • Time-lapse video
  • Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Two-way audio
  • PoE Connection
  • Customized motion zone
What We Don’t Like
  • Siren needs to be triggered manually

Final Thoughts

This camera will be a good choice if you prefer video quality more than anything. But the best part of it is the ease of installation, which will decrease your hassle. Plus, it includes multiple recordings and a unique time-lapse video feature.

8. Best Zoom – PTZ Security Camera With Optical Zoom

The security camera from HXVIEW includes exciting features and upgraded sensors to deliver the best image with fewer false alarms.  It includes a Sony IMX335 CMOS sensor with 10 LED lights. You will get recording at 2560 x 1920p with night vision for up to 1000ft.Best Zoom - PTZ Security Camera Outdoor 30X Optical Zoom Camera

This one is a high optical zoom security camera. You will get finer details because of the 30x zoom that captures clear images from up to 1000 feet of distance. During the highest peak of zoom, it can also focus on the face or license plate. Thus, you are not missing any details.

The camera features clear color reproduction and a starlight night vision effect for better surveillance. The PTZ camera has an automatic humanoid and motion detection feature. You will have a real-time snap or video of the tracking object on your smartphone. There are flash and sound warnings included to scare off the intruder.

To eliminate the cable cost, the IP camera works via WiFi. You just need to connect the camera through the CamHipro app. This will allow you to watch the recording remotely from anywhere. You can even talk to the person near the camera.

As the camera is designed for outdoor applications, durability is an issue to be concerned about. This device will totally satisfy you in this case. It has an IP66 waterproof build with a steady aluminum case. Whether it’s summer or rain, the device will always be your trusted security guard.

The security camera from HXVIEW comes with multiple storage methods. It supports micro SD cards, FTP, and local storage as well. The camera is also compatible with Campipro, CamHi, HiP2P, etc.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 7.87×7.87×7.87 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.54 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Storage Support: 128GB
  • Horizontal Rotation: 355-degree
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Optical Zoom: 30x
  • Warranty: 2-Years
What We Like
  • Automatic tracking
  • Sony IMX335 sensor
  • Steady aluminum case
  • 10 LED lights
  • Technical Support
What We Don’t Like
  • Includes autofocus issue

Final Thoughts

The clear and crisp footage from this camera, even from 1000 ft away, will surely leave you astonished. The color reproduction of this camera will deliver stunning images and videos. It includes a quality structure and will surely last for a long time.

9. Best Storage Support – Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera

Amcrest 4K security camera with optical zoom has enhanced low light capability and stunning ultra-high quality visuals. It is capable of delivering videos at 3840×2160p. The IP camera includes the latest Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor and chipset.Best Storage Support - Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera

You will have the 4K visuals at 15fps means more details will be available in the video. The videos will be recorded with vivid colors and rich imagery.  A closer look at an object will allow you to explore and detect things that were impossible with usual devices.

You will get the recording in both clouds and in the micro SD card. The camera is compatible with up to 256GB of SD card. Amcrest cloud storage allows you to store and monitor recordings remotely. You’ll have complete control over your recordings, allowing you to play or review them whenever you want.

To cover more ground and keep you updated, the security camera features a 113-degree viewing angle. It includes dual built-in IR LEDs to make the visuals clearer. Therefore, you get to keep an eye on the premises even at night without losing sight of your surveillance.

The camera requires a simple and easy installation as it’s a POE camera. For perimeter protection, the camera features IVS(tripwire and intrusion). By using the Amcrest smartphone app, you will receive alert notifications and review footage. The security camera is built with the latest JavaScript technology, allowing access to the camera from multiple browsers.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions:  5.3× 5.3×4.1 inches
  • Item Weight:  1.95 pounds
  • Form Factor: Dome
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Viewing Angle: 113-degree
  • Storage Support: 256GB
  • Optical Zoom:  5x
  • Warranty: 1-Year
What We Like
  • 4K videos at 15fps
  • Metal IP67 waterproofing
  • CMOS sensor and chipset
  • Night vision for up to 131ft
  • Motion detection alerts
What We Don’t Like
  • Bad customer service experience

Final Thoughts

The device has clear visuals and excellent video output with its highly competent 5x optical zoom. It is much easier to install and will help you monitor your properties with the advanced CMOS sensor and chipset. With its expandable storage system, you can easily deploy it for days without changing the memory frequently.

10. Best Durable – Jennov 5MP PTZ Camera Outdoor with 5X Optical Zoom

Here comes the final security camera of this list with a heavy-duty build. This PTZ camera from Jennov has no blind spots, which means you are 360-degree covered. It can tilt 65 degrees vertically and 260 degrees horizontally with 5x optical zoom, ensuring you’re getting the sharpest imagery from a far distance.

Best Durable -Jennov 5MP PTZ Camera Outdoor with 32G SD Card, 5X Optical Zoom Home WiFi Security Camera

The 5MP camera will deliver you 2560 x 1920p high-definition videos. Two pairs of IR LEDs provide amazing video quality during the day and at night. It includes an updated human detection feature to avoid false alarms. You can manually customize the motion detection zone and sensitivity of the camera.

A built-in integrated microphone is included on this camera, so you can hear the sound around the camera. You can even record what people are saying during the video recording.

There is a pre-installed 32GB SD card for video recording and playback. You will have continuous monitoring as the camera has an advanced feature to overwrite old videos when the SD card is close to full. To cover a wider space 24/7, this camera will definitely be a good choice so far.

The camera is built to last long so that you can keep the surveillance on for years with good care. It’s an IP66 waterproof and dustproof device. The camera can also withstand extreme weather, such as cold or summer. That way, you’re not limited to less effective surveillance because you have an adverse weather conditions to deal with.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 7.99×7.2×4.88 inches
  • Item Weight:  2.55 pounds
  • Form Factor: Bullet
  • Connectivity: Wireless and Ethernet
  • Storage Support:  32GB Pre-installed
  • Horizontal Rotation: 360-degree
  • Optical Zoom:  5x
  • Warranty: 12 months
What We Like
  • No blind spots
  • Customizable motion zone
  • Less false alarm
  • Pre-installed storage
  • Human detection
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor build quality

Final Thoughts

The camera has no blind spots, which means you will have a 360-degree view of your space. You won’t get false alarms because of the updated sensors and human detection features.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Security Camera With Optical Zoom

If you are confused about finding the best security camera with optical zoom, here is a quick review of the major features that may guide you to get the best one without wasting time.Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Security Camera With Optical Zoom.png

Video and Image Quality

Video and image quality is the major feature you should look for. If the camera does not deliver high-quality visuals, you won’t be able to examine things and find objects. Recent security cameras include an audio recording feature as well. So, you should ensure clear and noise-free audio to make it easier to check recordings later.

Mechanical Optical Zoom

If you are using security cameras to monitor distant things, the camera should include a decent zoom range. Optical zoom allows you to get a clear view of distant things. Thus, you can enlarge the image for a specific portion of the image. An optical image is preferable for a security camera as it doesn’t damage the quality.

Rotation capacity

The higher the rotation is, the more area it will cover. Bullet and dome cameras cover more range than traditional cameras. If the device comes with a 300-degree rotation feature, it’s enough to cover most properties. You should always check the rotation degree before purchasing a security camera.

Storage Support

The device should include standard storage support so you won’t miss any recordings. Recommended storage capacity for security cameras is up to 64GB. If the security camera records videos at a high-quality resolution, it will take more space than usual.

IR Night Vision

If you are using a security camera for outdoor applications, night vision is also an important feature to consider. Night vision is always different from the daytime. The night vision should deliver quality visuals so that you can monitor your properties 24/7.

Mobile App Control

Mobile control allows you to monitor recordings remotely. If the camera includes a mobile control feature, you can see the recording and real-time view anytime you want. This also allows the audio feature to communicate with the person near the camera if the camera has two-way communication features.

Easy Installation

The security camera should include easy installation to get an instant view of any object. If the device comes with an easy monitoring feature, you can check or examine recordings easily. Any user may operate the camera, so it’s recommended to have easy installation and control features.

Weatherproof structure

If you are planning to get a camera for outdoor applications, the camera should have a standard waterproofing rating. An IP66-rated waterproof camera will protect you from any extreme conditions. You will get a non-stop visual in any condition, be it summer or winter, rain or sunny.

These are among the major features of a security camera with optical zoom. If you get a security camera with the mentioned features, you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more queries about the best security camera with optical zoom? If so, look at the following FAQ section to get most of the answers to your queries.

How Far Can Security Cameras Zoom In?

The zoom actually depends on the camera you’re using. Some devices include 3x zoom, while others offer 30x zoom as well. Though maintaining image quality with a larger zoom is difficult. The security cameras cover areas from 60ft to 1000ft.

Does Optical Zoom Lose Quality?

Optical zoom does lose quality to a certain extent, but that is way less than digital zoom; almost next to none. Optical zoom initially brings the subject close to where you want to zoom. You will have a better view on a camera with optical zoom.

How Far Can Security Cameras See at Night

Security cameras usually cover 60-400 ft at night. The night vision is obviously less than daytime. You won’t have a better view of the object if it’s not close to 100-200ft at night.

What Is a Motorized Zoom Camera?

A motorized zoom camera allows you to adjust the camera remotely with a mobile phone or NVR with a 360° camera angle. The degree or the rotation can be adjusted remotely exactly how you want it and cover every inch of the perimeter.


A security camera with optical zoom protects your property with better imagery, allowing you to zoom further without losing details. You should install a security camera that includes the updated feature and tracking with fewer false alarms. And we hope the reviews above have helped you pick the best security cameras with optical zoom.

If you want our editorial choice to be your way to go, that would be the Ctronics PTZ Security Camera. With a 355° vertical coverage, 90° on either side, and 5x optical zoom, you won’t miss an inch of the surveillance area anymore. You can control it with your phone using an app and record footage or have live surveillance on your hands from wherever you are.

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