Can Wired Security Cameras Be Hacked?

Protecting your home or office is easier than ever with surveillance cameras. You can now always keep an eye on your belongings using either wireless or wired security cameras, even if you are on vacation or at work.

However, whenever it comes to hacking your surveillance system, most people are reluctant to use wireless cameras due to poor security systems. This circumstance creates a query among the security camera users: can wired security cameras be hacked?

Wired security cameras are actually not so vulnerable to hacking. But if the cameras are connected to the internet for remote viewing or storage, they can be susceptible to hacking like wireless cameras.

To explore the matter in-depth, keep reading this context.

Difference Between Wired And Wireless Security Camera?

Both wired and wireless security cameras are great ways to secure your home, office, or other belongings. But when deciding what kind of security camera to take, most users are confused about their security systems.

Typically, a wired security camera setup includes a network central control panel that needs to install at a location. This is commonly known as a digital video recorder (DVR), which is the “brain” of this security system.

Difference Between Wired And Wireless Security Camera

Security cameras are connected to this device through high-speed wires. These wires transmit video and audio from the camera to the DVR for live monitoring or storing for later viewing. As these cameras are wired, they don’t require Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

Unlike wired protection cameras, wireless cameras use radio waves to connect cameras to the main control panel. The signal is usually developed through Wi-Fi or any internet connection.

For that, the wireless camera needs the internet to send and receive data from the main control panel for remote viewing. Although wireless security cameras offer a vast number of functionalities, their security systems are quite poor compared to wired security cameras.

Can Wired Security Cameras Be Hacked?

Unfortunately, yes, there is no security camera available that can not be hacked, especially when connected to the internet. So, if you connect your wired security cameras to the internet, the camera can be hacked easily.

Can Wired Security Cameras Be Hacked?

For example, hackers can control your cameras and video footage remotely if your cameras are connected to the network through a router or recorder. This mainly happens when you use an insecure network connection and device that exposes your wired cameras to hackers. 

How to Know If My Wired Security Camera hacked?

It is difficult to assume that your security camera is secured or hacked. Following some simple tricks, you can easily determine that a third party is accessing your system. The tricks are as follows:

Can’t Access System

Unable to access your wireless is an early warning of a potential threat. So, if you are not able to access your wired security cameras for remote viewing, monitoring and storage, your cameras have been hacked. In some cases, you may find your security cameras are disabled automatically.

Change of Settings

If you notice any unusual changes to credentials, lenses, or other configurations, another individual may have accessed your camera. There are different reasons why hackers want to change your security configurations, including gaining access to your control panel.

Sudden Camera Movement

Once cameras are installed, the view should always remain constant, especially if the cameras are not moveable. So, if you suddenly find your camera’s view switching around, the camera may have been hacked. Sometimes, hacked security cameras will have an unusual shift or automatic movements on the screen.

How To Keep Your Wired Security Camera from Hacking?

Although wired cameras are less risky for hacking, a limited number of hackers may be able to access them. So, you should protect your wired security system from such hackers. Look into the simple tricks covered below to secure your cameras.

1. Update Firmware

Firmware updates help the hardware of security cameras to keep safe. Most manufacturers release updates for their security cameras frequently. They release software and hardware updates when any vulnerabilities or errors are reported, making the system more secure.

Update Firmware

2. Restrict Remote Access

If you are away from home, you may need to access your cameras remotely from another device. Typically, hackers would be more likely to hack your system if you access your security system from multiple devices instead of one computer or phone. So, you should avoid using multiple devices to monitor your security cameras.

3. Use Stronger Passwords

Most security camera users think that the authentication page is useless, but it is essential to prevent hacking. Even if you use an authentication page, there is a chance of hacking your security system for poor passwords.

Use Stronger Passwords

Additionally, if you repeat the same passwords for many websites, hackers can easily force those passwords to gain access to your camera. In such cases, you can secure your camera using a strong password that combines uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication offers extra security protection. This requires a code sent to your phone, email, or an authentication app along with a proper username and password. Without the right code, no one can access your security system. This way, you can protect your security system against hacking.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

5. Secure The Router

Internet-accessible devices like routers are most susceptible to hacking. Although these devices are gateways to access the internet, improper security can lead to hacking.

So, if you don’t have the proper security measures, you can easily give away all your cameras, including the wired ones. In that case, you have to ensure a strong password for your router.

Why Are Wired Security Cameras Better Than Wireless Cameras?

Although wired security cameras offer fewer features than wireless cameras, they are quite a good choice in terms of security. Some significant benefits of using wired security cameras have been described below.

1. Reliable

Reliability is the significant advantage of using wired security cameras. These cameras are installed utilizing CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cable, so there is less risk of interference from other wireless, electrical, or other devices.

Consequently, you won’t have to trouble about the system going down, or the signal is spotty. You can ensure a strong and constant connection with the wired security cameras as well as crystal clear audio and video signals.

2. Powerful Security

Wired security cameras are more secure than wireless surveillance systems as wireless routers can be easily hacked. Since wired cameras transmit data through wires, there is no chance of hacking.

Powerful Security

Although these cameras can also be connected to the internet, you can run your system 100% locally, making them more secure.

3. Ideal For Long-Term Solutions

Wired security cameras are the better option for those who want a permanent security system. When these cameras are installed, they are less flexible which leads to longer-lasting equipment.

Besides, the cables and other parts of wired security cameras are installed underground or on walls, which keeps them safe from harsh weather.

4. Suitable Over Longer Distances

As wired security cameras are connected with CAT6 cables, they can reach around 650ft away from the NVR. This distance can be extended using PoE, whereas a wireless device goes only around 450ft (outdoor) and 150ft (indoor). For that, you can easily install wired security cameras in large apartments or buildings.

5. Affordable Than Wireless Cameras

Budget is a big factor for most individuals when considering the secured surveillance system. This is another area where wired security cameras trump wireless cameras. These cameras are quite cheap to buy and set up. Besides, you can add as many cameras as you need to your system for less money.


Hopefully, you might have already understood whether wired security cameras can be hacked after reading the context. Typically, surveillance cameras are installed for security purposes, but if they are hacked there will be more harm than good.

In that case, wired security cameras are usually less vulnerable to hacking than wireless cameras, as these don’t require connecting to the internet. Although it is difficult to assume if your security cameras are hacked, following the techniques discussed above, you may detect it.

Additionally, it is also possible to prevent hacking of your wired security cameras by following the tips detailed above.

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