What Are The Best Ways To Hide The Wyze Camera?

Be it home or business, security is always an important aspect. The priority of keeping surroundings secure should always be at the top, so security cameras are pretty handy.

Choosing the right security camera helps in proper surveillance and keeping track of the things happening in the surroundings. In that case, the Wyze camera offers surveillance of the highest class and properly monitors the surroundings. But these cameras are perfect camouflage.

Don’t worry! This article will cover the best possible tricks to hide the Wyze camera and help you meet the objectives. Therefore, without wasting a second, let’s start our discussion.

Benefits of Hiding Wyze Camera

You can use Wyze security cameras in homes and workplaces for monitoring purposes. Some of the benefits of using these cameras are listed below:

Monitor And Get Accurate Insights

A Wyze cam is the best way to monitor the condition inside your house when you are not around. Mainly, when you hide the cam, you can track accurate information about people inside.

In this regard, you can know the actual time when your children arrive from school. Or you can track when your caregiver or babysitter comes or leaves. Besides, you can also see whether your housecleaner is working properly or the babysitter is taking proper care of the children.

For workplaces, hiding the Wyze cam enables gathering real-time information about employee activities. You can know their arrival or departure time and also the things they are doing at their workstation.

Know Motives

Hidden security cams give the best chance to know a person’s motives. These cameras enable us to provide more significant insights into a person’s intentions.

The best part is that you will be able to notice their actions more closely and identify the patterns. It will give you a clear understanding of an individual’s motives in the workplace and at home.


There are times when intruders might break inside your home and set a trap to rob you. Besides, in your absence, they might steal your valuable belongings and pose threats to your family members present inside.

Having a Wyze Cam hidden either outside or inside your home will let you know of any such situations in real-time. Thus, you can call for an emergency from local law enforcers whenever you notice any such occurrence.

What Are The Best Ways To Hide Wyze Cameras?

Hiding a Wyze camera becomes a necessity when you realize that it bears the risk of getting destroyed. That said, the Wyze camera also provides great insights that can ensure monitoring and protection to a greater extent.

However, there isn’t a single way to hide the Wyze camera. Depending on the need and place you want to set up, there are several ways to try. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:

Method-1: Hide Cam on Teddy Bear

To monitor children and the babysitter inside the home, one of the best places to hide Wyze cam is on Teddy bears.  It might seem unconventional, but it is a very successful trick for hiding the Wyze Camera.

Hide Cam on Teddy Bear

To conceal the cam on the Teddy bear, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Choose a required Teddy Bear

The first task would be to choose the Teddy bear based on the size you prefer. In this regard, you need to ensure that the head of the bear is big enough to accommodate the cam.

Step 2: Open the Head

To start the installation process, you must cut the bear head first. Use a small knife to open the seams and then make a hole. After the hole is made perfectly, take out all the stuff inside.

Open the Head

Step 3: Locate and remove Eye

Look at the string that attaches the eyes when you take the stuff inside. It is a nylon string, which you can cut easily with a knife. After you have cut the string, remove the required eye.

Locate and remove Eye

Step 4: Modify the Eye

The eyes of a Teddy bear aren’t transparent enough. For this reason, you need to modify it a bit so that the Wyze Cam can have a clear view.

That said, the new hole for the eye should be big enough so that it can fit the camera. Also, the interior part of the eye should be painted matte black, so there is no halo effect for the camera.

Modify the Eye

Step 5: Glue the Wyze Camera

Fitting the camera can turn out to be a tricky process. That’s why you need to choose a glue that goes well with the fabric in the bear.

After managing the glue, apply it carefully around the eyehole. Then, position the camera so that it has a front view.

Step 6: Attach Cord Pouch

Since the Wyze camera needs a USB wire to power the device, you need a cord pouch to hide it. It is better to use a rectangular cord pouch made of cotton, so the wire doesn’t seem visible.

Attach Cord Pouch

Method 2: Disguise on the Tissue box

Another simple trick for hiding the Wyze camera is using a tissue box. You can place it in any position inside your home or office, and placement can be made on Windows to monitor outside.

Disguise on the Tissue box

The steps for disguising Wyze Cam on a tissue box are below:

Step 1:  Manage a Tissue Box

Manage an empty tissue box wide enough to fit the Wyze camera and further modification.

Step 2: Cut some holes

Since you would place the Wyze cam inside, you need to cut some small holes on either side of the empty tissue box. You should use one of the holes for facing the camera lens outside the box and another for wiring the USB wire. The rest of the holes will act as ventilation for the box.

Cut some holes

Step 3: Put a few tissues over

As you are supposed to hide the Wyze, the last step would be to put some tissue paper over the cam. The reason is to make the cam look hideous enough.

Put a few tissues over

Method 3: Camouflage with artificial plants

The Wyze Cam might not every time blend with the home decor. For this reason, making the cam hideous with artificial plants would be a good idea. The steps to make the cam hideous are below:

Step 1: Ensure Camera Placement

Firstly, you need to choose where you would place the camera. It can be either on the bookshelf or on a showcase.

Step 2: Adjust the Height

After you choose the place and set the cam, you need to place the artificial plants around. While doing so, ensure that the camera stand’s height is adjusted to remain hideous behind the leaves. Moreover, the height and placement shouldn’t cover the camera lens.


Hiding a Wyze camera should be a priority when the issues are there regarding safety. The camera is flexible enough and enables it to make hideous through different modes.

There are good enough spots for hiding the cam. But you must hide it in a place that suits your requirements the best. Therefore, your first job should be finding a suitable spot for placing the cam.

Or else, whatever methods you try won’t result in the desired outcome. Lastly, we hope that the methods mentioned above can prove to be beneficial for you. Still, if you feel we missed out on anything, let us know.

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