How Long Does a Spy Camera Battery Last?

I have installed hidden cameras to capture events without the subject’s knowledge as security surveillance for years. One thing I often got asked about is the backup time or battery life these cameras come with.

So, how long does a spy camera battery last?

It can take up to 20-30 hours of recording though it depends on the type and brand. Some spy camera types have a standby battery life that can last up to 1-3 years without recharging.

I wrote this article to help you understand more about the battery life of a spy camera. Plus, I discussed how to extend that for long, uninterrupted surveillance. Take the time to read through it and make an informed decision when buying a spy camera with enough backup.

How Long Does a Spy Camera Battery Last?

A spy camera is a device ideal for capturing or recording events without the knowledge of the targeted subjects. You can spy on things as it’s super easy to hide. But, that also needs you to have good backup time to keep it running.

How Long Does A Spy Camera Battery Last - in depth guide

These spy cameras come as battery-powered wearables and corded spy cams. For the battery-fed ones, the backup time will depend on many factors. Some spy cameras will record for a few hours and others for years.

However, the average recording time for spy cameras ranges from 1 to 5 hours. But it can be challenging to find the exact time since spy cameras have different features and facilities that determines their battery lifespan.

Below are quick factors that make a difference in the battery life of spy cameras:

Wi-Fi and Mobile App Connectivity

Most spy cams can be connected with Wi-Fi network systems that increase battery charge consumption rate. Connecting your hidden cameras with Wi-Fi and mobile app will drain more battery charge.

Video Resolution

Different spy cams have different video resolutions and that’s one of the biggest factors in the battery life. Spy cameras with higher video resolution take a higher frame rate that consumes more battery charge.

Night Vision

Using a spy camera in a night mode with motion detection, will consume more power and drain the battery within a short period. These options require extra machines, each consuming extra power from the battery.

Movement Detection Sensor

Most hidden cameras with PIR sensors can detect human and animal bodies. Motion detection sensors consume more power and drain battery life faster.

Do Spy Cameras Run out of Battery?

Most spy cameras are small-size and easy to hide. The small dimension and excellent recording time make these cameras the perfect choice for home security surveillance. But these spy cams lack adequate space for upgrading with powerful batteries.

So, do spy cameras run out of battery? Yes. The spy cam battery can run out after a certain period of recording or capturing events. But the running-out depends on the battery type of your hidden camera.

Do Spy Cameras Run out of Battery

A 1000mAh battery-powered spy camera can last for two to three hours before running out, and 200-mAh battery-powered hidden camera will take at least four hours. A 10000mAh battery-powered spy cam has 24-hour battery life.

If you are using a spy cam with a standby battery life, there is no need to worry about the charge running out since it can power your spy cameras for one to three years without recharging. Let’s find out the spy camera with the longest battery life from the table below:

Spy Camera Model Battery Life (Hours) Connectivity
Facamword Photo Frame 7 Wi-Fi
Blink XT2 Camera 4 Wi-Fi
Fredi Mini Hidden Camera 3-4 Wi-Fi
AHD 1080P Mini Button Camera 3 Wi-Fi
Supoggy Mini Camera 1 Wi-Fi

Why Do Maximum Spy Cameras Have Such a Short Battery Life?

Battery-powered spy cameras are more convenient and flexible when it comes to the security surveillance of your facilities. These batteries make it easy to set up your devices without plugging into an external power source.Maximum Spy Cameras Have Such a Short Battery Life

But every homeowner needs to shop for a spy camera with long battery life. It will help capture crucial footage without worrying about battery power running out. I recommend buying a hidden camera with standby battery life.

So, why do maximum spy cameras have such a short battery life? It is due to harsh weather, technical issues, position, motion detection, and most of all, smaller space to pack in a large battery. These are the major battery drain in maximum spy cameras.

The best option is to identify the underlying cause and try to fix it. It will help improve the hidden camera performance, efficiency, and battery life. Otherwise, the maximum spy cameras with high-end specifications will experience rapid battery drain.

How to Maximize Spy Camera Battery Life?

Dealing with rapid battery drain in spy cameras can be frustrating when living in areas with a high risk of insecurity. But there are plenty of ways to make your spy camera battery life last longer than expected:How to Maximize Spy Camera Battery Life

Limit Night Mode and Connectivity

Do not set your spy camera into the night mode option when there is no need. Night mode settings consume more power than other options.

A hidden camera connected to multiple devices will experience rapid battery drain. I recommend connecting to a single device to make the battery last longer.

PIR Motion Sensors

Hidden cameras with PIR motion sensors provide false alarms and will drain the battery power faster. Consider spy cameras with PIR motion sensors to provide accurate motion alarms and prevent false alerts.

Adjust Motion Sensibility

A spy camera with high sensibility is susceptible to providing false alarms. Try to adjust the motion sensibility and this will increase the battery life since there are no unnecessary alarms.

Schedule Motion Detection

Place the hidden cameras in important areas with less traffic and schedule the motion detection timing to make the battery last longer. It will detect less unwanted movements that ultimately help you save on battery life.


Many spy cameras have different specifications and tasks that determine their battery life. I recommend using a spy cam with a rechargeable lithium ion standby battery since it offers the best security surveillance for a longer period.

I hope now you know the things that contribute to the spy camera’s battery life. Try to tweak some settings according to the guide above and make the battery last longer than usual. Remember to recharge the spycam batteries when they run out of power.

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