Essential Tips Regarding How To Hide A Ring Camera

Hiding a home security camera is important. A lot of the time, burglars look for the cameras first. They want to break it before committing various crimes. These crimes can include theft, robbery, or even homicide. This is why hiding a home security camera is essential.

Now you might ask, how to hide a ring camera? Well, there are endless ways to hide it. Using various objects such as trees, clocks, or birdhouses is the most common way.

Or you can use your creative imagination and discover cunning ways to hide it. Throughout this article, we will be helping you to come up with such methods. These will boost your home security by at least two times.

How Does a Ring Camera Work?

In most cases, a Ring camera works like most other security cams. But there is an exception. It has superior technology that provides advanced home security. A motion sensor comes with every Ring camera that can detect motion from 30 feet away.

You can also monitor a Ring camera’s visuals even when you are away from home. Through the app, you can connect it to the home Wi-Fi. It allows the camera to send data to the internet, which you can access from anywhere in the world.

Ring cameras have many features, such as night vision, two-way sound solutions, auto call to the police, app functions, etc. A versatile gadget like this can provide users with a comprehensive security system.

Why Do You Need to Hide Your Ring Camera?

Having your Ring camera in naked sight may seem the best way to shoo away criminals. So, what are the benefits of hiding it? Sometimes, a spy camera can offer critical insight into your surroundings. Here are a few crucial reasons to hide your ring cameras:

Understand True Criminal Motives

Speaking of motives, hidden cameras might provide light on someone’s actual goals. Especially if that person has criminal intentions, hidden Ring cameras are a great tool to unravel them. You’ll be able to observe their behavior unhindered.

You’ll also be able to keep an eye on them in a unique method. It allows you to be a fly on the wall, whether someone is delivering a delivery or your children are playing in the front yard.

Keep Your Cameras Safe

Cameras that are visible to the public may attract the attention of troublemakers. Even if the camera captures the criminal, there is still a chance that they might cause harm to your property.

If the cameras are exposed, a burglar can have their face covered and hurt. You can also keep your camera safe and get the desired footage by concealing your surveillance device.

Maximize Home Security

Hidden cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on family members or guests in and around your home. You can track the arrival and departure of your babysitter, for instance, using home security cameras.

Or you can watch your kids when they play in the backyard. It will guarantee that you are receiving an accurate insight into their situation. Because if criminals prey on them, they won’t be aware of the camera.

How to Hide A Ring Camera?

While you can hide the ring camera however you wish, there are some easy methods you can consider following.

How To Hide A Ring Camera

Step 1: Understand the Area

The layout of your home significantly impacts the ideal locations to conceal your surveillance equipment. We advise trying out several areas to ensure you can’t see them with a glance.

And you need to have a good look at where your ring camera is located. Its visibility, sunlight coverage, night light coverage, height, etc., matter. It is best to locate the camera where sunlight and night lights such as neon or lamppost do not light up.

Step 2: Find Objects to Conceal the Ring Camera

Cameras can be concealed in PVC pipes, plants, shrubs, beneath eaves, birdhouses, and various other objects. Be imaginative! Consider potential locations that a person could overlook.

You must confirm that the wireless camera is within the Wi-Fi range.

Find Objects to Conceal the Ring Camera

Step 3: Camouflage the Ring Camera

You might want to color up the Ring camera with the color of its background object. For instance, if the camera is beneath a blue shade, you can color the Ring cam with the same shade of blue.

Camouflage the Ring Camera

Step 4: Make Sure The Ring Cam is Not Observable

This is a vital part of your entire activity. From choosing the perfect spot to concealing and camouflaging the ring camera, you must ensure that it doesn’t fall into the public eye.

Make Sure The Ring Cam is Not Observable

Where Can You Hide A Ring Camera At Home?

You can find additional spots in your home to hide the Ring camera besides the ones mentioned above.

1. Water Pipes

A water pipe is one of the most unusual places to hide the Ring camera. No one will ever suspect it. The idea that you might have a surveillance device hidden inside a pipe is beyond a criminal’s guess.

Water Pipes

2. Fake Flower Vessels

You can create a fake flower vessel or buy one online to hide your Ring camera. Make sure you use a fake plant on top of it as well. The natural plant would require natural soil, which might damage the camera with its water within.

3. Plants and Trees

While plants and trees are the most obvious places to hide your Ring Camera, you must camouflage it to conceal it further. That way, it will be harder for the criminal to observe it.

Plants and Trees

4. Birdhouse

If you have a birdhouse in your backyard, it can be a sweet spot to hide a Ring camera. And doing it is relatively easy. All you have to do is make sure that nothing but the lens of the cam is visible through the hole.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since hiding a Ring camera is a complicated process, information regarding it can be obscure. We have shed some light on your most commonly stated FAQs:

Does A Ring Camera Record 24/7?

Ring’s smart doorbells and cameras only allow on-demand live view and motion-based recording, not continual 24/7 recording.

They are capable of being set up to begin recording the moment motion is detected. Users may adjust the camera’s motion detection sensitivity to determine how frequently it records.

How Many Years Does A Ring Camera Last?

The battery in a Ring camera should last between 6 to 12 months before needing to be recharged, according to Ring. And Ring cameras come with a one-year warranty.

But since the market made that estimate under ideal environmental circumstances, it probably doesn’t consider the kind of heavy usage some Ring camera customers would encounter.

How Effective Is A Ring Camera?

Professional reviews give Ring cameras high marks for their easy installation and setup, reliable general operation, timely alerts, and high-quality video.

Reviewers also highlight the Ring cameras’ versatility, citing its many power options and devices you can use both inside and outside.

Can A Ring Camera Provide Proper Security?

The answer is a resounding yes. This brand of security surveillance devices is overwhelmingly reliable from their longevity to versatility.

Its reason is that Ring cameras have a lot of functions. For instance: night vision, a two-way audio system, an automatic call to the police, app features, etc. Such a flexible device can offer its consumers a complete security solution.

How Long Does A Ring Camera Keep Its Footage?

A Ring camera keeps its footage for two months. Then it deletes it. So, if you want to access footage from the past, you better go for it within 60 days.

Ring keeps films for 60 days before deleting them to make place for fresh recordings. Before then, prepare to download any videos you wish to preserve.


Ring security camera owners can increase the depth of security in their houses and lessen the occurrence of harm by hiding it effectively. Therefore, we encourage you to hide your Ring camera as soon as possible.

Plus, an adequately hidden camera can boost security and expand the surveillance activity of your home. It helps you understand more about the safety of your neighborhood.

So, the bottom line is that you need to hide your Ring camera if it is too visible. After all, it will enhance your home security and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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