How to Mount Cameras Under Eaves? (With Pictures)

Eaves are always an excellent place to mount security cameras. Since there are many ways to do it, people struggle to follow the right ones. A lot of the time, people also forget to do essential checks that will ensure proper security and protection.

Now you might ask, how to mount cameras under eaves? The most simple method would be with the help of a secondary object, such as a strip of aluminum or wood.

Or you could use your creativity to come up with other fascinating ways. And for that, stay tuned to this article to get the best ideas for mounting a camera under the eaves.

Benefits of Mounting a Camera Under Eaves

There are many places where you can mount a security camera in many ways. But what is so special about eaves? Well, it protects the camera, captures the perfect view, and does plenty of other amazing things. Let’s discuss them below:

Shelters the Camera from Weather

When you mount your camera under the eaves, it protects the camera from harsh weather conditions. Such as heavy rainfall, snowfall, and even thunderstorms. Especially if the security camera is not waterproof, the eave acts as a great safeguarder.

Increases Home Security

Since the camera stays under the eaves, it often stays unnoticeable. This helps identify the actual criminals. When strangers come into our houses, such as a mailman or a hawker, we need to watch them. And concealed cameras can provide insight into their intentions.

Preserves Your Home’s Beauty

If a house has too many security cameras exposed to the public’s sight, it might damage the building’s architectural aesthetics. Stereotypical and ridiculous as it sounds, it might even make your home look like a prison.

So when you mount your camera under the eaves, it stays hidden and does not interfere with your beloved house’s appearance.

Tools And Materials Used For Mounting Camera Under Eaves

The tools and materials you will need to mount a camera under the eaves are pretty easy to get. You can buy most of the stuff from Home Depot or online. And among them, the following is a list of mandatory things:

  • Ladder
  • Alumunmin Stripe
  • Drill Machine
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Cable clips
  • Pencil
  • Duct Tape

How to Mount a Camera Under Eaves—Step-by-Step Guide

Although you can mount a camera under the eaves in whatever way you like, there are a few simple techniques you might want to consider. However, you also have to ensure that the way you choose is reliable. We have decided to teach you the most basic one.

Step 1: Find the Ideal Spot Under Your Eaves

You can’t just randomly select a spot under your eaves. If you leave the camera too observable, it will hamper your house’s aesthetics, and it will give criminals an indication of your camera’s blind spots.

This is why you should choose the corner spot. But make sure the other adjacent wall conceals your camera.

Find the Ideal Spot Under Your Eaves

Step 2: Drill Holes on Aluminum Stripe

Take an aluminum strip first. Then, take a pencil to draw the spot for pin holes. Use your camera’s pin spots to trace the outline. After that, drill holes on those areas with the help of a drill machine.

Drill Holes on Aluminum Stripe

Step 3: Place the Aluminum Strip on the Ideal Spot

This is the easiest step. But you should be careful because you might need a ladder to do this. If the eave is out of your reach, you need to climb up on a ladder and insert the aluminum strip under the cover of the eaves.

Place the Aluminum Strip on the Ideal Spot

Step 4: Install the Camera on the Aluminum Stripe

As you have placed the aluminum stripe now, you need to install the camera there. Your work is mostly done since you already have drilled holes before.

Now just take a screwdriver and insert the pins through the CCTV camera – all the way to the holes. After that, connect the Ethernet cable and the power plug to the camera.

Install the Camera on the Aluminum Stripe

Step 5: Hide the Wires

You should take all the wires, such as the plug and the Ethernet cable under the borders of the eave. Almost all the eaves have half an inch’s worth of space between the border and the surface.

Place the wires under those spaces. You can use duct tape or cable clips to mount the wires on the wall. It will further boost the decoration of that area.

Hide the Wires

Where Else Can You Mount A Camera?

There are several other places where you can consider mounting your camera. Some places are a lot trickier for installing a camera. Those places still give a shot if it maximizes your home security.

1. Inside Fake Water Pipes

One of the most unexpected places to attach a camera is within a fake water pipe. There won’t ever be any suspicion. A burglar would never imagine that you would have a spy gadget tucked away inside a pipe.

Inside Fake Water Pipes

2. Inside Room Windows

People barely consider this trick of mounting cameras indoors. It should be done in such a manner that it only captures outside footage. Plus, it also helps protect your house’s decoration from the outside as the camera does not stay biome visible.

Inside Room Windows

3. Counterfeit Flower Vases

You can make a fake flower vessel or order one online to mount a security camera. You should also place a plastic plant on top of it. And natural soil could harm the camera because of its water content, which you should remember.

Counterfeit Flower Vases


You can increase the security in your houses and lessen harm by mounting the camera under the eaves. Therefore, we encourage you to mount it under the eaves the way you deem appropriate.

Additionally, an adequately concealed camera can increase security and broaden your home’s surveillance capabilities. As a result, you better understand your neighborhood’s safety.

Finally, installing a camera under the eaves is essential since otherwise, it will be too visible. After all, it will increase the security of your home and protect you and your loved ones.

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