How To Mount Security Camera Without Screws?

Mounting a security camera can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to do it without screws or bolts. Irrespective of the situation, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that you can mount your security camera without using screws or bolts. This guide on how to mount security camera without screws reveals the simplest way to do that.

You can only mount a security camera without screws using vinyl siding clips hooks, clip clamp mount, flexible tripod mount, attaching to the corner wall mount, and gutters mount. Each method is simple as long as you get the right tools for it.

Many people are embracing screwless mount security cameras because you can use the mount in various places, and it will not damage your wall. Sometimes, you unintentionally disfigure your wall because you want to mount your security camera.

However, with this kind of mounting system that involves no screws, you can easily avoid that. With the information you are about to read below, you should find it easy to mount your security camera without screws.

Do You Need Any Professionals To Mount Security Cameras Without Screws?

You do not need a professional to mount security cameras without screws if you have the right tools and experience. However, if you don’t have the skills and experience to do so, it is a yes to get a professional to do the task for you.

For clarity, let us check the pros and cons of hiring a professional or not for mounting your security camera.

Pros And Cons Of Doing It Yourself

  • If you are doing the mounting yourself, it will save you the labor cost of paying a professional
  • It will add to your DIY achievement
  • If you don’t have the skills, you might end up with a failed project
  • The camera can get damaged with no one to cover for the loss

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Professional

  • You will always get quality service from a professional because of their skills and years of experience.
  • A professional can give the right mounting and location advice for maximum security.
  • If the camera or anything gets damaged in the process, the professional will bear the cost.
  • You have to pay for the labor cost, and the price varies based on the experience of the professional.

What do You need To Mount Security Camera Without Screws?

Mounting your security camera without screws is a great way to save time and energy. When you decide to mount a security camera without using screws, there are different things you’ll need. Each of them gives you a wide range of options on how you can mount your camera without screws.

Siding Hook Mounts

One of the popular ways to mount a security camera without screws is with siding hooks. They are easy to install and remove, so you can take the camera down any time you want. The siding hook mount comes with two metal hooks, which you will need to attach to both sides of your home’s siding.

Siding Hook Mounts

Then you’ll simply place the camera onto the hooks and lock it into place by tightening the knob on each side. There are many siding hooks you can get from both local and online stores, and I recommend No-Hole Needed Vinyl Siding Clips like the one you should consider.

Gutter Mounts

The easiest way to mount your security camera without using screws is by using gutter mounts. Gutter mounts are designed to be used in attics and garages, but they can also be used to mount a security camera on the roof of your home.

Gutter Mounts

You can purchase a pair of gutter mounts from your local hardware store or online retailer. They should come with screws that will allow you to attach them directly to your gutters without having any tools at all.

Also, during installation, you should ensure that the camera is centered between them so that it does not appear skewed in any way when viewing it from inside or outside of your home.

Corner Mounts

Corner mounts are great for mounting a 360 security camera for a home on the ceiling or wall in a corner. The corner mount is made of metal and has a small hook on the bottom that can be used to hang it from a nail, hook, or screw.

Corner Mounts

The first step to using this method is to find the right place for your camera. You may want to put it in a location where it can see both entrances and exits as well as all parts of the area you’re trying to monitor.

Clip Clap Mounts

Clip Clamp Mounts are great for mounting security cameras and other devices on walls and ceilings that have no screw holes. These mounts easily hold your devices snugly where you want them quickly and easily.

Clip Clap Mounts

For this method, you just need to fasten the mount using its clip. The installation process is faster and easier than using screws or finding holes in your walls for bolts.

Flexible Tripod Mount

A flexible tripod mount is the easiest and most effective way of attaching your security camera to a tripod without screws or straps. You may need this if you can’t use screws or if you don’t want to drill holes in your wall or ceiling. It uses a horizontal or vertical bar to mount your security camera. With a flexible tripod mount, you can set the security camera at multiple angles that best suit your needs. Besides, tripod mount legs are covered with rubber to avoid friction against harsh conditions and prevent sliding.

Flexible Tripod Mount

Magnetic Mount

This is a great solution for mounting any standard security camera where there are no screws available. The mount uses a high-strength magnet that sticks to most smooth surfaces with no damage.

Magnetic Mount

It removes effortlessly and reattaches without effort, making it an excellent security solution for shops, storefronts, and other businesses where you want to be able to install and remove your camera easily.

Double-sided Sticky Tape

Double-sided tape is also one of the perfect solutions for installing a security camera without screws. Because you are sticking it directly to the wall, it holds extremely well and stays put. This is especially helpful if you need to move your camera frequently.

Double-sided Sticky Tape

Now that you have got to know the different resources you can use to mount your security camera without using screws, let us get into simple ways you can do the installation.

How To Mount Security Camera Without Screws

There are different ways you can install a security camera without screws, and I will share the five simple methods here for you. You can use any of them that is best for you.

How To Mount Security Camera Without Screws

1. Installing Security On Siding

This is one of the easiest methods you can install your security camera without screws, and you need vinyl siding clips hooks for this method.

Installing Security On Siding

Step 1: Get Vinyl siding clips hooks

A vinyl siding clip hook is the first thing you need to mount your security camera. This will keep the camera in place and allow you to move it around easily. You can get them from any local and online retailers. Make sure that the mount you choose will fit your type of camera (e.g., wired or wireless).

Step 2: Choose your location

You need to carefully select the location and ensure it is a place where you intend to monitor with the camera. Positioning is also important, and you need to consider that too.

Step 3: Clean the siding

Before applying the adhesive, make sure that there are no marks or scuffs on the siding where you plan to stick your mount. Use an acetone-based nail polish remover if necessary. Put down newspaper or plastic sheeting over any areas where you do not want any residue getting onto them by accident (such as carpeting).

Step 4: Install the hook on the siding

The siding clip hooks are easy to put up and will hold your camera securely on the wall without the need for screws or nails. Once you have placed the hook on your vinyl siding, simply slide the screw through it and tighten it until snug.

Step 5: Mount the camera

You need to install your camera on the siding clip hooks and then tighten the hook to keep the camera secured in place. Before you tighten the hook, you should ensure that you have your camera positioned in the way you want it.

2. Installing A Security Camera On The Wall

If you are installing a security camera on the wall without using screws, there are two ways to do it:

Installing A Security Camera On The Wall

  1. Use double-sided tape to attach your camera. These are plastic tapes that have adhesive on each side and can be attached to the wall with the adhesive. You can buy double-sided tape online or at most hardware stores.
  2. Use an adhesive mounting plate to attach your camera directly to the wall. These plates have a sticky backing that allows you to attach them directly to the surface of your wall and then hang your camera on top of them. They come in various sizes, so make sure you measure carefully before buying one.

Method one: Using double-sided tape

To install your security camera on the wall without screws, you’ll want to use double-sided tape.

You will need:

  • The camera
  • The double-sided tape (or whatever type of tape you have)

Peel off the double-sided tape and attach it to the backside of your camera and stick it to where you want it. You should ensure that there is no dust, dirt, or other things that can get between the sticky part of the tape and the surface where you’re sticking it.

Method two: Using an adhesive mounting plate

After the double-sided tape, another popular way to mount your security camera on the wall without screws is using an adhesive mounting plate.

You will need:

  • Adhesive mounting plate
  • Security camera
  1. Remove the camera from its packaging.
  2. Press your adhesive mounting plate firmly against the wall in an area where you want to place your security camera. You need to ensure that there are no wires or other obstructions that could interfere with its placement.
  3. Line up your security camera with the mounting plate, making sure that it is centered horizontally and vertically between two screws on either side of it.
  4. Press firmly on top of your security camera until it sets into place and stays there without any movement whatsoever.

3. Installing A Security Camera On The Pole

Mounting a security camera on a pole without the use of screws is a simple process. You can do it yourself, and the process will take very less time.

Installing A Security Camera On The Pole

Step 1: Find a pole to attach your camera to

Look for a sturdy pole that’s about 6 feet tall and has an open space at the top where you can attach your camera.

Step 2: Attach mount bracket

You need to attach the mounting bracket to your camera using the right screw. The bracket should fit snugly around the base of your camera so that it doesn’t slide off while you’re attaching it to the pole.

Step 3: Install the camera on the pole

Place your camera in the bracket and secure it with a zip tie or other similar type of fastener. You need to ensure that you consider the camera wires for this method, except if you are using a wireless camera.


The damage caused by drilling holes in walls during security camera installation is a great challenge for most homeowners. This has led many to keep searching for how to mount security camera without screws, and we have the perfect answers on this page.

Here you will get to learn that it is possible to install your security camera without screws. Also, we have different methods shared on how you can do that easily.

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