How to Use Spy Camera Clock? An Expert Explains 2023

Most parents want to keep an eye on their children, pets, nanny, and caregiver when they are not around at home. A mini spy surveillance camera is the best option since it can be hidden to capture events without the subject’s knowledge.

However, if you don’t know how to use spy camera clock the right way, you cannot get the desired picture quality, proper coverage, or even get caught!

Learning how to use a spy camera clock is a no-brainer task since it comes with instruction guidelines. These hidden cameras do not hinder the clock functioning if installed according to the requirements.

Let’s learn about spy camera usage, their legality, and other necessary guidelines that you must know beforehand.

Is It Legal to Use Spy Camera Clock?

Many people work around the clock to protect their homes from intruders and many other crucial reasons. But there are certain legal statements regarding spy or hidden cameras in the United States of America.

So, is it legal to use a spy camera clock?

Yes. Using a hidden camera clock in your property or gray areas is not illegal. But installing a spy camera clock on someone’s property without his or her consent is illegal.

Every state in the US has specific laws regarding spy or hidden cameras. I recommend finding out about these state laws to avoid getting in trouble. But some counties and cities have their laws regarding hidden camera clocks.

Is It Legal to Use Spy Camera Clock

Below are situations when you can legally install a spy camera clock:

Owned Property

The placement of the spy camera clock determines its felony. It is illegal to mount a spy camera clock in rooms that require privacy, like bathrooms or changing rooms.

It is legal to install a hidden camera clock in the hall, garage, and porch. Be sure to own the property first before acquiring the rights to install spy camera clocks.

Collecting Evidence

Most people love mounting spy cameras on clocks to gather vital information and catch criminals in their properties. Installing hidden camera clocks for such purposes is legal.

But you need to seek permission from local authorities to get a license for mounting secrete cameras in your business premises. But using these cameras for personal agenda is illegal.

Use of Nanny Cams

Many parents in the USA use spy camera clocks to monitor their babysitter in the house. It is legal to capture video surveillance for child supervision purposes for obvious reasons.

Ensure you own the house to acquire the right to install the secret cameras. If you are a tenant, seek the estate agent’s consent before mounting hidden cameras.

Some states have strict laws for recording audio videos for a nanny living with you. These spy camera clocks violate the right to privacy.


Most multinational companies have hidden cameras all over their office space. There are no states or federal laws regarding mounting spy cameras at work and offices.

Business owners have no legal requirements to inform their workers about the spy cameras mounted on the clocks. But I recommend being conversant with the labor unions’ policies.

Note: Audio and video recording cameras for malicious content are illegal in the United States of America. Getting a reliable spy camera clock can be a daunting and cumbersome experience. I recommend reading spy camera clock reviews to make an informed decision.

How to Use Spy Camera Clock (Step-By-Step)

A wall clock spy camera with audio is the best option for homeowners who want to gather vital evidence against nannies or caregivers. Ensure you do not violate the person rights to privacy.

How to Use Spy Camera Clock

Using a spy camera clock is a straightforward task regardless of your experience level. Below are quick steps to use a spy camera clock:

Step 1: Smartphone and Internet Connection

Connect the Smartphone to the Wi-Fi internet connection and scan the QR code on the spy camera clock instruction manual using the phone camera.

Allow the application to access some features in your phone to work smoothly. Wait for the software to download and install.

Step 2: USB Cable and Mini USB Port

Most spy camera packages come with a mini USB port and cable. Locate a mini USB slot on the camera clock and insert the mini USB port into it.

Insert the mini USB port into the adaptor and connect to the power source. Wait for the lights to turn on and start recording.

Step 3: Camera Clock and Micro SD

Use a screwdriver to open the back panel of the spy camera clock and locate the camera switch. Try to push it gently to switch on the camera and find the micro SD card slot.

Be sure to insert the SD card in the slot and test the camera clock if it is recording. Return to the back panel and set the time according to your requirements.

Step 4: Connect the Phone to Wi-Fi

Connect the phone to Wi-Fi via the long-named hotspot connection. Dismiss the no internet connection message and go to the application.

Sign in from the top right corner and add a new online camera. The spy camera clock will be available on the list of discovered cameras.

Choose the camera on the screen and go to the application main menu to verify. The hidden camera will appear on your phone screen.

Step 5: Connect Camera Clock to Wi-Fi

Select the camera setting on the screen and click advance configuration. Click the Wi-Fi config to select the home or office Wi-Fi and insert the password.

Wait for the camera clock to reboot, and it will display the complete configuration on the home screen. Make a few adjustments to get high-quality video recordings.

Step 6: Initiate Camera Clock Recording

Select the recording icon to initiate the camera clock recording. Change the camera clock angle, alarm, and time settings to suit your requirements.

Step 7: Configure the SD Card

Select the camera on the home screen and click SD card record configuration. Turn on the loop recording to over-right the oldest recordings. Select LED config for night vision mode.

Step 8: Disconnect the Wi-Fi Network

Turn on the mobile data after disconnecting the Wi-Fi and verify if your camera clock is still online. Ensure the camera clock is connected to the power source via the adaptor and Wi-Fi network at home. Select the camera clock anytime to watch the live feeds.

Final Word

Spy camera clocks help to capture or record events as long as you’re abiding by the laws regarding hidden cameras. Always keep in mind individual privacy and surveillance laws before mounting spy cameras in your properties.

I recommend consulting an attorney before setting up hidden cameras, especially if not in your own house. I hope the information above helped you understand how to use spy camera clock and relevant necessary insights.

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