Is It Worth Having a Security Camera?

While security once was considered a luxury only available to the wealthy, technological advancements and falling prices have made security cameras much more affordable and accessible to the public. But is it worth having a security camera?

Security cameras keep an eye on your home from both the inside and the outside, operating as an extra set of eyes and ears to keep an eye on things around your home. Throughout this guide, we’ll go over the advantages of installing both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

Is It Worth Having a Security Camera?

A home surveillance system is a good tool for home security. It can serve as a deterrent as well as a recovery tool in the event of a break-in and burglaries. Burglars are wary of assets that have visible security cameras on the premises.

Furthermore, if an offense does occur, surveillance cameras can aid in the collection of evidence. If you can capture the activity on camera, you have a better chance of resolving the situation. This is true for everything from damage to property to potentially investigating crimes within the premises.

Is It Worth Having a Security Camera

A surveillance camera with ultra-high-definition images will help you identify automobiles, people, and moving items more easily. So, invest in a camera with high resolution (2K, or 4K) and motion detection.

With more details in the captures, it allows you to zoom in for greater detail on license plates and to recognize more physical characteristics. A high-definition or full-HD camera will not provide you with that level of transparency, especially at night.

At the end of the day, home security cameras are most effective at protecting your property when they are integrated with a security system. Wireless surveillance cameras can begin recording when they detect movement. That implies they may not necessarily capture everything happening around to conserve batteries.

Cameras can be programmed to start recording the moment any part of a surveillance system is stimulated, such as an interaction sensor, a crystal sensor, a motion sensor, with the help of a home security system. This increases the likelihood that the cameras will capture everything that occurs on your property, rather than just a few minutes at a time of motion that happened directly in front of them.

Benefits Of Having a Security Camera

Before you decide whether is it worth having a security camera or not, consider the benefits of having one as listed below:

Benefits Of Having a Security Camera

Preventing Crime

In 2019, property crime accounted for approximately 7 million identified and documented incidents in the United States, as per the FBI, accounting for approximately 85 percent of all crimes committed in the country. In a consistent downward trend, that number had been steadily declining in the years prior, and it was expected to fall even further in 2020.

While a variety of factors contribute to this development, the implementation of surveillance camera systems has unquestionably had an impact on the prevention of criminal activity, such as theft of personal belongings.

According to research conducted by the University of North Carolina, outdoor surveillance cameras reduce the likelihood of property crimes by at least 50 percent. Furthermore, studies conducted by Rutgers University and the Urban Institute have found that surveillance reduces crime in the areas where it has been installed, which is encouraging.

Such evidence demonstrates that vigilance has a wide-ranging impact, benefiting both individuals and businesses.

Scenarios and Activities Should Be Closely Monitored

When one is away from one’s home or place of business, there is always the possibility that something bad will happen. Thoughts about your family’s health or how your children are getting along with the babysitter may be weighing heavily on your mind, especially if you are the parent Surveillance, particularly indoor security cameras, can continue providing peace of mind for parents who are away from home by allowing them to check in on their children as frequently as necessary.

Moreover, if you own a bigger piece of land or various fragments of property, it becomes much easier to secure the periphery or general location of your property. Aside from that, modern software makes it possible to receive phone notifications when a sensor senses something strange based on particular parameters.

Scenarios and activities monitoring

A similar ability exists for business owners to regularly check in on their employees’ daily work practices. This can be accomplished through the use of video surveillance cameras. Managers and business owners can be away from the office while employees can continue to work on the premises.

Collecting Evidence

Modern safety cameras are nonetheless equipped with high-definition video capabilities, but they are also equipped with audio capabilities. They are more effective than ever before when it comes to recording a sequence of events with clear images and flawless sound they produce.

A legal scenario in which an observer may have neglected a crucial factor may be supplying an accurate assessment of what transpired is particularly advantageous. The law officers could see the sequence of events because they occur thanks to the use of security cameras.

Decide on the Best Course of Action

Using footage captured by security cameras to help you make appropriate solutions in the home and in the workplace, can be extremely beneficial. It can help you put your doubts to rest when dealing with situations involving differences of opinion among your employees, clients, and your customer service staff, among other things.

When you use your security camera as an ally, you can quickly and effectively resolve claims that are incorrect, inappropriate, or fabricated by clients or other authorities.

Keep Records Up-to-Date

It is highly recommended that security cameras be installed in and around a business if you want to keep records of what is going on there. Surveillance is also useful in the home because it allows you to easily monitor how events unfold, how mishaps or unintended occurrences may unfold, and it could be used as reference material for future consideration.

Businesses could use surveillance cameras to observe oncoming traffic, particularly with the additional assistance of network access and security ticket machines, while homeowners can keep track of who comes and goes on their property by installing surveillance cameras.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, negative interactions, unlucky accidents, and criminal activity can all be captured for the advantage of legal staff to use as evidence.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Having Security Cameras

With so many benefits and advantages of security cameras, there are drawbacks too. Here they are:

Disadvantages of Security Cameras

The Privacy Concern

Even though surveillance cameras can be trained to look for threats, illegal activity, or aggressive behavior, they will invariably record everything that comes into their field of vision. Schools, as an example, are frequently equipped with surveillance cameras to observe parking lots and maintain the perimeter’s integrity.

Such surveillance, on the other hand, invariably records everyone who comes into and leaves the school. Moreover, when a person is in their view, face recognition, as well as license plate recognition cams (LPR), have a powerful ability to focus on specific characteristics that are in their view.

It Could Be a Very Expensive Affair

A surveillance camera system can be prohibitively expensive for some people to afford. As previously mentioned in a previous post, the installation of surveillance cameras typically entails the running of cables, as well as the use of a large amount of labor and a variety of products to ensure a successful installation.

Relatively small systems and wifi cameras are exceptions to this rule; however, the cost of initial installation is typically more expensive. An excellent result can be obtained from a hardwired system, which typically outlasts wireless options for several years. The wires that connect the cams to the recorder are also extremely durable and can be used for years after the devices have been supplanted multiple times throughout their lifetime.

They Have the Potential to Be Vulnerable

At the end of each day, the ordinary security camera is nothing more than an electronic gadget. Too much impact or moisture in the wrong place can completely disable a security camera, as we are all aware of this. Outdoor security cameras are equipped with a durable exterior to protect them from the elements during normal weather patterns.

However, if the breeze carries debris that strikes the camera, lightning strikes the area around it, or a malicious individual tampers with the camera, the camera may be rendered inoperable. While some product lines may be more useful than others in certain situations, certain circumstances or events might always be able to inactivate electronics in general, regardless of the product.

I’m Powerless to Stop Theft

Surveillance cameras indeed deter thieves from committing crimes, but they will have little effect on those who are motivated to commit them. Security camera systems, as part of a larger security system intended to deter criminal activity, should be viewed as both a component of a larger security system and as a form of deterrence in and of themselves.

They are, on the other hand, capable of assisting in the collection of evidence in the case of crimes.

Whereas they may not have been able to prevent everything from happening, they can certainly record everything that does. Aside from that, surveillance cameras can also send out alerts when certain events occur, enabling you to call the police if you become aware of a crime being committed against your property.

How Much Does a Security Camera Cost?

Home security cameras can be purchased as a stand-alone item with no additional monitoring, installation, or storage services. With so many alternatives available, you have the freedom to set your budget and time frame. On average, security cameras cost $100 for indoors and $200 for outdoors, although the price range is much wider than that.

Below are some security cameras that you can use to set up your home security camera system under 300 dollars.

Indoor $22.49
Wyze Cam $20YI
Wyze Cam Pan $30
Wyze Cam v3 $23.99
Blink Mini $34.99
YI Outdoor Camera $39.99
Kasa Spot Indoor Camera $49
iSmartAlarm Spot Camera $40
Swann Dome Camera $51.49
Netvue Vigil Camera $59.99
Ring Indoor Cam $60
Tend Indoor 2 $60
Canary View $69
iSmartSafe Indoor Smart Camera $69.99
Blink Indoor Camera $69.99
Fortress Indoor Camera $79.99
New Blink Indoor $80
Reolink Argus 2 $94.99
Blink XT2 $89.99
Reolink Argus 3 $93
abode Cam $99

Are Security Cameras Worth the Investment?

Are Security Cameras Worth the Investment

Insurance Savings:

A fresh new, state-of-the-art Video surveillance may reduce your insurance prices. For both business and residential CCTV installations, Caught on Camera has a staff of highly educated professionals. Installing CCTV inside and outside your building will further reduce your insurance expenses. This will reassure your insurance carrier that you are protecting your facilities, property, and personnel, reducing your organization’s responsibility.

Workflow and Productivity Tracking:

If you’re worried that your employees aren’t being as successful as they may be, CCTV cameras can show you where they spend their time during the day. This may also highlight inefficient processes. This is especially valuable for retail businesses, exposing their business model.

Enhanced workplace safety:

To ensure employee safety, Surveillance cameras should be deployed at all building entrances and exits. Install them in parking lots to make your workers feel, especially in the winter when the light goes earlier. This can help avoid assaults, theft, and damage, boosting daily operations.

Don’t overpay:

The last thing a company owner wants would be for someone to fabricate a slip and fall and sue for damages. Physical clashes between coworkers, customers, or harassment accusations can be addressed financially. Should an issue emerge, CCTV cameras can safeguard both you and your staff.

Bottom Line

Now that you know why is it worth having a security camera, getting the right setup should be your first priority. Which of the above listed cameras would you buy? Whichever it is, make sure you’ve considered your perimeter and inspected the strategic spots where you want to mount your cameras.

In addition to helping you catch thieves in the act, the camera will also serve as a deterrent, stopping others from taking advantage of you in the hereafter. Be safe with your belongings and property and make the best use of security cameras to keep them safe. Good luck!

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