What Are the Pros and Cons of A 360 Degree Camera?

Video surveillance technologies keep gaining momentum since many people want to improve the security of their properties. When it comes to types of cameras, the 360° ones are doing really well with better coverage.

So, it’s probably high time you’re thinking about getting a setup with such cameras. So, knowing the pros and cons of a 360 degree camera is the best thing you should be asking for.  Well, these kinda cameras are the best with improved light sensitivity, digital functionalities, and of course, more coverage area. The only drawback of these cameras is the inability to capture distant objects in high definition.

Let’s provide you with detailed insights into the advantages and disadvantages of 360-degree cameras from my experience. Take the time and see how these cameras stack up for you.

What Is a 360-Degree Camera and How Does It Work?

A 360-degree camera is a panoramic camera that shoots all the scenery and space surrounding it in one photo or video. The camera provides high-quality images or videos without any blind spots. These functionalities drive high demand for a 360 degree security camera.

What Is a 360 Degree Camera and How Does It WorkA 360-degree camera has two wide-angle lenses that shoot 180 degrees and more. Each lens shoots at the same time, and the digital functionalities in the camera stitch the images or videos together to result in 360-degree photos or videos.

The stitching of videos and images in a 360-degree camera is automatic. It relieves the user of the hassle of taking multiple videos and stitching them manually. Besides that, the inbuilt lenses rotate to capture images or videos without moving the camera.

A 360-degree camera is ideal for capturing memorable moments like family parties, holiday trips, outdoor adventure, and sports performances. It reveals these moments in virtual reality with realistic details.

360-degree cameras are the best alternative to the installation of multiple monocular cameras. It is highly applicable to robotic, unmanned aerial vehicles, and omnidirectional unmanned ground vehicles.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a 360-Degree Camera?

A 360-degree camera is different from of camera with much more versatility. It has no mirror and complex mechanical parts like a DLSR has. Below are the pros and cons of a 360-degree camera:

What Are the Pros and Cons of a 360 Degree Camera

Pros of a 360-Degree Camera

Apparently, a 360° camera is a cutting-edge technology you can deploy to extend your house’s security system. Here are the main advantages of a 360° camera:

Record Realistic Images and Videos:

With a 360-degree camera, you can capture the entire space from all directions. There is no need to cut out some parts of the scenery.

The realistic details on the images and videos create a memorable experience. It makes the entire scenery more exciting and realistic.

No Need for Composition and Camera Settings:

A 360-degree camera records the entire surroundings at once without worrying about composition and camera settings.

The camera uses auto exposure and pans focus to take memorable moments. The user does not need to have special knowledge in operating the camera.

Easy to Edit 360-Degree Images:

Editing 360-degree images are more fun and easy than those from traditional cameras. The camera settings group photos automatically and allow the user to trim or crop unnecessary parts.

You’re getting many kinds of images with exciting impressions. It gives the user opportunity to make the best choice when editing the photos or videos.

Great for Selfies and Group Photos:

The 360-degree camera is ideal for taking selfies and group photos rather than requesting a stranger for assistance. The wide field of view can capture the entire group and background.

Provides Cinematic Shots:

A 360-degree camera has a super stabilized focus that can stimulate movements in a single video recording. It helps the user save on the cost of buying drones, cranes, and sliders.

Cons of 360-Degree Camera

Now, although these cameras have numerous benefits, they have got some disadvantages as well. Here they are:

Photographer Appears In Images:

Such 360-degree cameras are ideal for recording events in high quality without including the photographer. But it is super challenging to prevent a photographer from appearing in the images.

Cannot Zoom Distant Objects:

360-degree cameras are excellent for capturing or recording the entire space. It also allows the user to crop and edit images. But it cannot capture a distant object in high definition. It has optimal optic zoom lenses not suitable for capturing distant objects.

Too Expensive:

Now for the prices; a 360-degree security camera is super expensive than a regular CCTV camera. Besides, these cameras are ineffective in an office with many partitions.

Not Suitable for Night Recordings:

A 360-degree camera cannot adapt to work at night since the lenses are more sensitive to light than darkness. It is not the best option for recording or capturing events in a dark space.

Should You Buy a 360-Degree Camera?

360-degree cameras come in a different format to suit the user’s desire and need when it comes to recording events around their properties. Every user needs to clarify the shooting purpose and environment before buying the camera.

Should You Buy a 360 Degree Camera

Many 360-degree cameras are compatible with smartphones. It allows shooting, viewing, and editing of 360-degree images straightforward. Besides that, the shots and videos can be edited in multiple applications.

So, should you buy a 360-degree camera? Yes. The camera is portable and easy to use regardless of an individual experience level. It has a unique charm missing from other traditional cameras in the market.

I recommend trying a 360-degree camera and experiencing the exciting moments after pressing the shutter. It will capture the entire object and background space from all directions without missing a single detail.


360° cameras are ideal for facilities that require extensive security surveillance coverage since they can capture large spaces and the flow of people. But you need to identify your surveillance goals and technical capabilities before buying one.

Now you can understand the 360-degree surveillance camera advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide much easier. But the merits usually outweigh the limitations. In contrast, these cameras are the best alternative to traditional security cameras.

I hope the information above offered you adequate insights into the pros and cons of these cameras and helped you decide the right type.

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